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Mixture Separation Lab (gradable)
Objective: To separate a mixture into components through a
variety of techniques and investigate whether the change is
chemical or physical.
Materials provided:
 Filter paper
 Funnel
 Magnet in baggie
 Sample with Styrofoam,
salt, and iron filings
 50 mL beaker
 250 mL beaker
 Plastic cup
 Glass stirring rod
Watch glass
Hot Plate
Barium chloride
Sodium carbonate
Calcium chloride
1. You will find your mixture in your station. With your partner,
device a step by step procedure for how you plan to separate
these substances. You may change your procedure later, but
make note of your changes on your write up.
2. Follow your plan, separating the mixture. Alter your plan as
3. As you separate each substance, set it aside in a cup or
beaker so that it can be inspected.
4. Answer the questions.
5. Adding calcium chloride to sodium carbonate and identify the
change whether chemical or physical.
Questions (to be answered in your lab write up):
1. Who was your partner(s)? (1 points) (same partner of the last
2. What kind of mixture (homogenous or heterogenous) was
the sample you started out with in the beginning? Explain
how you know. (2 points)
3. What kind of substances were in your sample? Name each
sample with one or more words that describe that sample.
(ex. water: pure substance, compound) (5 points)
4. What physical properties were different between each
component of the mixture? What physical properties were
the same?
How did you take advantage of these
differences? (10 points)
5. For each substance, give a reason why you chose the
method you used to separate it (list and explain). (4 points)
6. How did you determine the type of the change when you
performed reaction 5?
(5 points)
Create your own write up on your own sheet of paper (typed is
mandatory). The lab report is out of 30 points.
a. Your write up should be NEAT and organized (5 pts).
b. Your write up should include the following elements:
i. Name
ii. Title of the lab
iii. Objective (2 pts) may be copied from this page
iv. Procedure and materials (3 pts) the one you made
up yourself
v. Answered questions (20 pts) You don’t have to
copy the question, just write in complete sentences.
vi. Conclusion (10 points): Your conclusion should
summarize your findings in this experiment, what
you learned, and how you might improve your
procedure next time.
c. Information for the write up may be taken from this sheet
of paper (the lab sheet)
d. Information between you and your lab partner may
match exactly on your write up except for ‘answered
questions’ and ‘conclusion’.