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Question (3 marks)
Converts binary values into Hexadecimal
1) 10001001
2) yad ni
3) 100100010001
Question (2 marks)
What is the opposite of the decoder?
Question (5 marks)
One karnauph map given SOP term nikalne thi
Question (2 marks)
What is comparator?
Question (5 Marks)
Explain Tri-State Buffers with the help of block diagram?
Question (5 Marks)
Draw the function table of 3 to 8 decoder
1. In a karnaugh map the 6 term in pos or sop what is the value choose...
Option like
* 1100
* 0011
* 1001
2.The binary numbers A = 1100 and B = 1001 are applied to the inputs of a
comparator. What are the output
* A>B=1 A<B = 0 A=B= 0
3. What will be the output pins of decimal to bcd.
* 10 pins
4. 3 input or gate is given what will be the output when A=0, B=1, C=1
* one
5. The _______ Encoder is used as a keypad encoder.
* Decimal-to-BCD Priority (Page 166)
6. the diagram above shows the general implementation of ________ form
7. The expression _________ is an example of Commutative Law for
* AB=BA (Page 72)
8. Consider a circuit consisting of two consecutive NOT gates, the entire
circuit belongs to a CMOS 5 Volt series,
if certain voltage is applied on the input, the output voltage of Logic high
signal (VoH) will be in the range of _______ volts.
* 4.5 to 5
9. The output A < B is set to 1 when the input combinations is
* A=01, B=10 (Page 109)
10. The 3-variable Karnaugh Map (K-Map) has ______cells for min or max terms
* 8
11. The output of an AND gate is one when _______
* All of the inputs are one
12. The PROM consists of a fixed non-programmable ____________ Gate array
configured as a decoder.
* AND (Page 182)
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