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Lesson Two
Pages 762-775
1) Interpret and understand complex text
2) Identify elements of an epic form
3) Connect Greek values to character’s decisions and actions
4) Connect to the hero’s journey
1) Honor men with whom they fight alongside
2) Ordered society who values rules of law
3) Be an active participant in society in which they live
4) Hospitality
5) Respect authority of Greek gods
6) Self-restraint
7) Believe in Greek gods and their power over humans
1) Guile (intelligence and cunning)
2) Wisdom and leadership
3) Character flaw
4) Foresight (ability to think ahead)
5) Constructs (creates) plan to solve a problem
6) Disciplined to carry out each step of plan (not rushed)
7) Bravery, strength
8) Clever
9) Fairness
10) Compassion and respect for the subordinate
“The Cyclops”
Listen to reading on page 762 through 775 then answer the following questions and we will discuss them as a
Lines 110-120. Based on Odysseus’ criticism of the Cyclopes, what kind of society do the Greeks value?
Lines 128-134. What does this passage reveal about ancient Greek attitudes toward the importance of
Lines 171-174. What character flaw does the hero Odysseus reveal by refusing to leave the cave?
Lines 208-216. What ancient Greek beliefs regarding the gods, military might, and respect for strangers
does Odysseus express in his words to the Cyclops?
Lines 270-284 – What heroic qualities does Odysseus reveal as he plots against the Cyclops?
Lines 297-302. What plan does Odysseus have in mind by offering the Cyclops the wine?
Lines 323-324. What cultural values are represented in Odysseus’ reference to “the gods” in line 323?
Lines 430-455. Despite his heroism, what human weaknesses does Odysseus reveal as he sails away?
Lines 471-493. What do these lines suggest about ancient Greek beliefs about the gods’ involvement in the
mortal world?
10. Lines 505-509. What admirable quality does Odysseus show by dividing the sheep among his men?