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• Professor P. Jani has been invited to an attend
implementation meeting of the Lancet
Commission on Global surgery. His
experience, vision, and commitment to the
quality and accessibility of safe, surgical care
in resource-limited settings was quoted as the
main reason for his invitation.
• His contribution would no doubt be an
enormous asset in helping determine how to
best turn the Commission’s recommendations
into actions.
• The meeting, Lancet Commission on Global
Surgery Implementation Review will be held
February 9-13, 2015 at the Rockefeller
Foundation Bellagio Center in Bellagio, Italy.
• The meeting objective is to convene a small
group of stakeholders and implementers from
low- and middle-income countries who have
experience and interest in driving health
improvements in their countries, and by
extension the world in general. The focus of
the review is to reflect on the practicality and
real-world application. Please note below our
three main goals for this review:
• 1.
Generate/ disseminate new knowledge
and/ or research
• 2.
Develop or disseminate solutions to
existing problems
• 3.
Enable emergence of new global
initiatives through existing organisations
• The department supports wholeheartedly the
elevation of surgery on the international
forum. We do hope that all these efforts will
result in the World Health Assembly (WHA)
resolution later this year putting surgery on
the public health agenda.
• The WHA already supports Emergency and
Essential Surgical Care (EESC) dedicated to
strengthening health systems, achieving
universal health coverage, and ensuring the
safety and efficacy of clinical procedures in
Anaesthesia, Surgery, Orthopaedics, and
• View WHO site for more information