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TEL: 01423 566636
Statement of Intent – Patient Online Access To Records
The Leeds Road Practice will be giving patients online access to their coded medical records with
effect from 1st April 2016. You will be able to view your records from the date you have been granted
access. There is no charge for this service, it is completely voluntary and if you do not wish to use
it your treatment will not be affected in any way. Please note this is a ‘read only’ service.
What are the advantages for me as a patient?
 If you are waiting for results, you may see them as soon as they are added to your record, meaning you will not
need to contact the surgery.
 You can chose to share your records with those treating you anywhere in the NHS. You may also wish to
share your records with family members.
 You can easily look up your list of medications and immunisations (Only for those that have been given at the
 Accessing your record on a computer will help you to understand and make better use of the information we
hold about you.
 Access can help you discuss your health with health professionals dealing with your care.
 You can help to ensure that the information we hold about you remains accurate, up to date and complete.
What information will I be able to see?
 Consultations showing the date, professional seen and reason for visit.
 Medical history showing diagnoses, investigations and procedures.
 Allergies and adverse reactions to medications.
 Results showing all investigations such as blood results, liver tests, blood pressure etc.
Are there any risks for me?
 There may be something in your record that you have forgotten about and do not want to be reminded about.
 Some terms may be difficult to understand as the notes are made by doctors and nurses for each other.
 The surgery will continue to make every effort to contact you directly as soon as possible about test results
which require further action. However it is possible that you may see these online before your GP has had a
chance to discuss them with you, for example over the weekend when the surgery is closed.
Can I alter the record?
 No, only the practice staff can alter your record, however if you see something which you thinks needs to be
changed, please complete the request form as soon as possible. Any chances to your medical record will be
authorised by a GP. However, GP’s cannot discuss this request to change information within a consultation or
over the phone. All requests must be made in writing and will be reviewed within 20 working days. The matter
will be reviewed by a GP and if appropriate ‘marked in error’ as requested by patient as we are unable to
change information not documented by us.
How do I get started?
To start the registration process you will need to have SystmOne access set up with the practice. If you don’t already
have this you will need to come into the surgery with some form of photographic ID (over 16’s).
For access to the Detail Coded Record Data you will be required to complete a ‘Medical Records Access Form’ and
hand this in personally to reception. This is sent to the team that deal with the requests.
If access is granted you will be informed via your preferred method of communication or you will notice when you next
log into SystmOnline.
Please note the practice has the right to remove online access to services for anyone that doesn’t use it