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Name _____________________________________________________________
Rock Cycle
1. Go to
2. Enter cfp-1056 into the Web Code area on the top left hand side of the web page.
3. Press the yellow circle to the right of the area where you entered the web code.
4. Press the orange start button.
5. Read the description at the top of the page titled “The Rock cycle” and then click on one of
the rock.
6. Play through all the animations in the rock cycle, reading the top descriptions as you go
along & fill in the boxes and arrows on the back of this sheet.
7. Terms for the boxes: Sediments, Igneous Rocks, Metamorphic Rocks, Sedimentary Rocks
8. Terms for the arrows: Weathering & Erosion (used 3 times), Heat & Pressure (used 2
times), Melting (used 3 times), Deposition (used 1 time), Cooling after Volcanic activity
(used 1 time)