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Human Resources Benefit Manager
This position has responsibility for a team of benefit subject matter experts in the administration
of all pension and welfare benefit programs, compensation and payroll, compliance, occupational
health and wellness programs, government contract prevailing rate pay systems, employment
compliance, EEO and affirmative action and employee recordkeeping.
 Administer, streamline, and integrate employee benefit programs and processes.
 Design, evaluate and modify benefits policies to ensure that programs are current,
competitive, and in compliance with legal and ERISA requirements with a focus on high
quality, good health, prevention, and cost containment.
 Lead the educational and communication efforts within the organization in regards to
health & wellness as well as human resource policy and procedural changes and
 Ensure compliance with HR policy, federal and state wage & hour, employment and
labor laws.
 Fulfill all reporting requirements of all relevant government rules and regulations,
including the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA).
 Direct preparation and distribution of written and verbal information to inform employees
of benefits, compensation, and personnel policies.
 Manage the design and development of tools to assist employees in benefits selection,
and to guide team members thru benefit decisions.
 Mediate between benefits providers and employees, such as by assisting in handling
employees' benefits-related questions, researching issues, or taking suggestions.
 Advise management on such matters as equal employment opportunity, sexual
harassment, and discrimination.
 Supervise an innovative team of 5 to 6 human resources professionals including being a
leading promoter of lean, process improvement, cost reduction and change management.
 Interface with management, business unit leaders and human resources teams, employee
groups, external government agencies, etc.
Skills, Knowledge, Qualifications, and Experience:
 This position requires a four-year business degree plus a minimum of 10 years of human
resources management experience.
 Supervisory experience with extensive knowledge of benefit administration and
experience with general human resources functions is required.
 Strong communication and people skills with the ability to interact effectively with
employees at all levels.
 Ability to identify and analyze underlying principles, reasons, or facts of information and
evaluate results to choose the best solution.
 Ability to manage multiple projects and prioritize to meet deadlines in a fast paced
 Can do attitude, sense of urgency, and desire to succeed as a team.
101 CIANBRO SQUARE, P.O. BOX 1000, PITTSFIELD, MAINE 04967 • (207) 487-3311 • (207) 679-2465 (FAX) •
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Demonstrated ability to exercise discretion and diplomacy when dealing with confidential
and sensitive matters.
Demonstrated track record in getting results.
Strong negotiation skills.
Ability to work with a high degree of autonomy and as a member of a team.
Must have experience with HRIS and expert proficiency in Microsoft Office (Outlook,
Word, Excel, and PowerPoint). Previous experience with Microsoft Access is considered
an asset.
PHR or SPHR Certification preferred.
CONTACT: TODD GILLEY / 679-2372 / [email protected]
Cianbro is an equal opportunity employer.
Interested applicants should apply online at
101 CIANBRO SQUARE, P.O. BOX 1000, PITTSFIELD, MAINE 04967 • (207) 487-3311 • (207) 679-2465 (FAX) •
The CIANBRO Logo is a registered trademark of The Cianbro Companies