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Product Noise Level
Charles S. Hayden II, MS, PE
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
Public Health Service
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health
Disclaimer: The findings and conclusions in this report are those of the author(s) and do not
necessarily represent the views of the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health
(NIOSH). Mention of company names of products does not constitute endorsement by the
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), NIOSH.
• Focus on whole populations.
• Broad impact.
• Includes healthy policies to support/regulate:
– Education
• Hand washing.
• Surgeon General’s warning on tobacco products.
• Food labeling.
– Clean air/water.
• EPA regulations.
– Driving safety.
• Restricting driving hours of younger drivers.
Educating the Public on Hearing
Methods of Prevention.
Broad scope to cover
– Many various types of noise exposures.
– Complexity.
• Resources.
• 1 in 10 Americans affected.
Policies and Regulations
• Currently very little regulation of noise.
• New York City Department of
Environmental Protection Noise
• Implementation of Buy Quiet and Quiet-byDesign programs.
– DoD Safety and Health Procurement
Engineering Contributions
• Provide quieter products.
• Provide noise level information.
– Publicly available.
– Labels on hazardous noise producing
• Within reach of the engineering community.
– Educate our organizations.
– Head off regulation or be first at the table.
• Shape the future.
• Be proactive in noise control.
Prevention Thru Design (PtD)
or Quiet-By- Design
• Make “quiet” available.
• Products and processes.
• Passive protection.
– No action required on the part of the user.
Product label
Hearing protector label
Buy Quiet
• Go Green!
• Market the quieter products as such.
– NYC vendor list
• Encourage “quiet”.
– Workplace.
– Communities.
– Suppliers/Customers
• NYC DEP Noise Regs.
– Construction sites, music from
bar/restaurants, cars, motorcycles, AC units,
music, garbage trucks, ice cream trucks, and
– Chicago? Seattle? Vancouver?
• Revived OSHA mandates?
– Construction.
• Shape the future.
Noise Level Test Standards
• Ethical revision.
– Noise level tests accomplished for the
operational or most hazardous condition.
• Organizations/individuals.
• Hearing loss continues to be a major
illness/injury in America.
• First step is educating the public.
– Noise level labeling/declaration.
• Buy Quiet and Quiet-by-design.
• Legislation.
• Standards revisions
CDR Chuck Hayden
[email protected]
NYC DEP Strategy
• Proactive Avoidance of Noise
• Noise Mitigation Plans
• “Cure Periods”
• Technical Assistance Available
• Product & Vendor Guidance Sheet
• Reactive Enforcement Ability
(DEP Noise Inspectors)
• Noise Compliance Readings
• Fines / Possible Stop Work Orders
NYC DEP Support
Zo-Air Jackhammer Noise Muffler
Demonstration test (-7 to -9 dBA)
Manhattan, NY
Container (Conex Box) Barriers
Croton Water Treatment Plant
Bronx, NY (2005)
Product & Vendor Guidance Sheet
Updated New York City Noise
NYC DEP Website:
• Construction Noise Rules
• Sample Noise Mitigation Plans
• Product & Vendor Guidance Sheet