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Clinical Waste for Treatment
Yellow Lidded Sharps Unit
Orange Bag - Hazardous/Infectious Clinical Waste: Chest
drains, suction canisters, items that have been in contact
with blood and bodily fluids from an infected source. NO
medicinal waste (including used IV bags and giving sets).
All sharps such as needles, syringes, glass phials
and small amounts of broken glass not
contaminated with Cytotoxic or Cytostatic
Waste X-Ray Fixer Container
Waste Developer Container
Dispose of Waste X-Ray Fixer in this container.
NB Used with X-Ray Developer to develop an X-Ray.
Dispose of Waste X-Ray Developer in this container.
Amalgam Capsule Container
Sludge Drum Container
Empty amalgam capsule.
Used to dispose of waste sludge from amalgam
separator, which will contain amalgam.
Waste Amalgam Pot
Lead Foil Bin
Used to dispose of removed fillings made from Amalgam
(silver fillings).
The foils inserted into patients mouth to take the XRay will be disposed of in this bin.
Crown & Bridge Pot
Tooth Pot
Used to dispose of removed crown & bridge fit over
missing teeth.
Used to dispose of teeth extracted containing
Amalgam fillings.
NB Used with X-Ray Fixer to develop an X-Ray.
Order code: SRCL023