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What is Genetic Engineering?
Please answer these following questions on separate paper using COMPLETE SENTENCES.
1. What is the structure and function of DNA? Describe in words or a drawing the structure of a DNA
molecule. Be as detailed as possible.
2. All living organisms contain DNA. In what ways is DNA from all organisms the same? In what ways
might it be different?
3. Using your understanding of genes and how they are expressed, explain why it is possible for a
bacteria cell to make a human protein from instructions encoded in a human gene.
4. Scientists use two biological tools to engineer organisms to make new proteins: plasmids and
restriction enzymes. Add definitions for these two terms to your Biotechnology vocabulary list. In
which type of organism are these tools naturally found?
5. From the text, give two medical applications of genetic engineering. Why is gene cloning often
preferred over the use of extraction of proteins from natural sources?
6. Summarize the process of genetically engineering bacteria to produce human insulin.
7. What is diabetes? How are Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes different?
8. What kind of damage can diabetes do to the body?
9. Explain the importance of insulin in the body.
10. We will be engineering bacteria to create a red fluorescent protein. What organism does the
protein come from? Why might the organism have adapted to create this protein?