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Name: _____________________________
Video Listening Guide – “Michio Kaku: The Universe in a Nutshell” (42:13)
Fill in the blanks and answer the questions as you watch the video. THIS IS A GRADE!
List 3 things physicists invented.
 _________________________________
 _________________________________
 _________________________________
2. What is the name of the scientist that died when Michio was 8 years old? _______________________________
3. ____________________________ is the foundation of technology.
4. Four Forces of the Universe
5. Who created calculus? _______________________________________
6. Why did Newton say he couldn’t publish his work? ___________________________
7. Newton’s 1st Law of Motion different from Aristotle’s view because Aristotle thought objects quick moving
because ____________________________________________________.
8. Michael Faraday worked in the field of ________________________________________.
9. ______________________ is an electromagnetic wave.
10. Einstein showed that the faster you move, the ________________________ you get.
11. Mass is ______________________________.
12. The collision of matter and anti-matter releases _____________________________.
13. The Large _________________________ Collider is located outside Geneva, Switzerland and physicists think the
Higgs boson or God particle will be discovered there.
14. String Theory takes you before the ________________________________________.
15. A _________________________________ is a shortcut through space and time.
16. Physicists have looked closely for a __________________ force, but it cannot be reproduced.
17. Percentages of energy in the universe:
Create a pie chart using the percentages of energy in the universe.
 Dark energy = ______%
 Dark matter = ______%
 Stars = _______%
 Us = __________%
18. What is dark energy? ________________________________
19. Most of the universe is _______________________.