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Summer Assignment for AP World History
Welcome to AP World History! Over the course of the upcoming school year we will
explore about 3,000 years of human history that covers all parts of our planet. You will
learn valuable study skills, meet new classmates work really hard, have some fun and
hopefully will learn more history than you ever thought possible. Then you take the AP
Exam in May, 2017. This is a great class that will allow you to exam the “Big Picture” of
history, trace cultures over time, and examine human and trade interactions. Please be
prepared for multiple essay assignments, difficult exams and really bad history jokes.
Summer reading: Purchase: “World History: Preparing for the
Advanced Placement Examination 2017 Edition” an AMSCO
publication. This is an excellent AP prep book that you will use
throughout the entire year.
Make sure that you have the 2017 edition which has a red cover.
Available through the publisher, Perfection Learning for $18.95 plus
shipping ($7).
Link to buy:
(To complete the purchase, make sure you click the shopping cart on the upper right side).
Summer Assignment for the AP World History (3 parts)
1. Purchase the red covered “World History: Preparing for the Advanced
Placement Examination 2017” an AMSCO publication.
2. Read the first two chapters of the AP prep book (pp. 1-40) Answer the
multiple choice questions on pages 12-15 and pages 41-45.
3. Write a two (2) page hand-written essay on the following topic:
Why did civilizations arise during the Neolithic Era and what things are
necessary for civilization to develop?
Your essay has to be hand-written and it is due on the first day of class. Feel free
to use information from outside your AP prep book. Late essays will not be
Have a wonderful summer!
Mr. Harley
Email: [email protected]
PVHS Dept. Chair for History/Social Sciences
Website: [email protected]