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Image-Conscious Biology - Professor Vicky Avery
Vicky Avery:
The focus of my laboratory is primarily drug discovery, both
basic and applied research.
The disease areas that we're interested in are cancer and
neglected diseases.
The way that we investigate these is primarily using high
content screening.
High content screening is image-based screening.
What a person can do on a microscope, we can now do in
small microtitre plates, which enable us to look at hundreds of
thousands of images in a very short period of time.
We have been able to establish miniaturized assays of our
cancer cells growing in three-dimensions rather than being
flat cells on a plastic surface.
They grow quite differently, all of them. Some are massive,
great, big, beautiful spheroids.
Others are globular, ugly-looking things, but that's just how
they grow.