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Mr. Herren
World and US History
Holy Spirit Catholic
Room 213
Am I in the right room?
• I am not
Justin Beiber
• Room 213
• World History
I do not teach
Justin Beiber
Why study history?
• In the first place, history offers a storehouse of
information about how people and societies
• The second reason is that the past causes the
present, and so the future.
• History also provides a terrain for moral
• History also helps provide identity, and this is
unquestionably one of the reasons all modern
nations encourage its teaching in some form.
• A study of history is essential for good
• History is useful for work. Its study helps
create good businesspeople, professionals,
and political leaders.
Who is this teacher?
Procedures and
Mr. Herren’s classroom rules
Be On Time.
Be respectful.
No whining!
Be prepared. with readings and materials.
Do not cheat.
Breaking class rules will result in signing Mr. Herren’s Red book.
Cell phones
• Don’t do it!
• #1- phone taken and parent conference
• #2- 1 day ISS, loss of phone for one week,
parent conference
• #3- 3 Day ISS, loss of phone ( 3weeks), parent
The class rules are in place in order to maintain
a healthy learning environment. Breaking
these set rules hinders your academic
progress as well as those around you. The
penalty for disturbing the class and breaking
class rules is to sign Mr. Herren’s RED BOOK.
• 1st signature- warning
• 2nd- minus 10 points on participation grade
• 3rd- letter home, write up and minus 10 points
on participation grade
Tardy Book
• If you are late you must sign the tardy book
• 5th tardy = detention
• 8th tardy = conference before you can be
• 10th tardy = Saturday school
• Be in your seat and working on the vocabulary
work when the tardy bell rings.
• Bring ALL books and materials to class and
take them with you when you leave.
• Follow directions the first time they are given.
• Any student who fights, damages school
property or is disrespectful (as defined by the
teacher) will be sent to the office
• On day of test, all bags, books, and notebooks
are to be left beneath the whiteboard.
• Students are not allowed of the room- Do not
even ask- if tests are still out!
• Papers will be taken to the front of the class
per the teachers instructions.
• Anything listed in the student handbook
applies as well!
Getting your attention
I will:
•Stand in front of the class
•Raise my hand
•Wait for everyone to be
•Begin speaking
Paper heading
• On top left:
Name: First and Last
John Hancock
World History
1st period
After Absence
• Retrieve any makeup handout from handout
basket after or before class.
• Copy missed work on board.
• Get notes from classmates during class down
Turning in work
• Pass all papers to the front
• All students on the front row, pass the
collected papers to the left.
• I will come by and collect stack.
“Special” Procedures
These will be introduced on an “as
needed” basis
Special guests
Progress Reports
Working Cooperatively
Fire Drill
Intercom Announcements
Substitute Teacher
• I truly believe in your potential and I want you to
believe in it too!