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Aerospace Senior Design Project
Final Presentation - 6/5/2009
Krikor Geysimonyan, Ed Panameno, Manuel
Segura and Cynthia York
Aerospace Corporation
Project Objectives
Accomplishments Review
Project Demonstration
Implementation Challenges
Lessons Learned
Aerospace Corporation
• A non-profit company that
monitors contractors who build
rockets and satellites for the
United States government
Project Objectives
• Design, develop and demonstrate a
development environment that allows the user
to create and display animated schematics
built with objects that are common in space
launch vehicles such as tanks, valves, and
pipes and data from their respective sensors.
• Users shall be able to import an image of a
schematic on display and overlay the desired
objects on the image.
• Users shall also have the option to resize and
move the objects.
• Users will be able to specify text to describe
the object, define parameters to indicate state
and change the colors of the object.
All Objectives Were Accomplished
Created an animated schematics display development
Incorporated development environment into existing
JavaSTARS application
Can import and remove schematic background
Can save and load schematics displays
Representations of physical objects have been
created for pipe, pump, tank and valve
These schematic objects can be used to build a
schematics display
Object customization is available through its
Properties window
Objects can be moved and resized using the mouse
Objects animate by droping real time sensor data on
them from the JavaSTARS application
Objects can exhibit alert and alarm notices
Additional Accomplishments
• Schematic objects and JavaSTARS chart types (dial,
bar, slider, text, etc.) can be selected into a group and
• Objects can be rotated
• Users can popup a window indicating the limits set for
the sensor data contained in the object
• Objects change color based on their data limits
• Tank object is capable of animating multiple instances
of sensor data (i.e. propellant and pressurant)
• Pipe object displays flow rate
• Users can snap together schematic objects and move
them as a group
• Users can generate a text field chart connected to a
schematic object which displays the current value of its
sensor data
Project Demonstration
• Create Schematics Display
• Add Schematic Objects and Sample Charts
• Group, move and re-size charts and
schematic objects
• Rotate schematic objects
• Animate schematic objects
• Create data limits
• Show limits tool tip and object color change
• Save schematics display
• Load schematics display
• Connect/disconnect schematic objects
• Show measurands
Implementation Challenges
• Integrating with an existing system
• Version control
Lessons Learned
architecture and prototype –
Affine Transform prototype –
Deeper understanding of Java2D
– all
Team collaboration – all
Deep understanding of
JavaSTARS architecture – Krikor
• ?