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Property, a savings
portfolio product
Sustainable performance
Despite the subprime crisis in the United
States in 2007 and its effects on the credit supply
around the world, the commercial property
market reached new records in France in 2007,
as in most of the European markets. No less
than €28.5 Bn of investments were transacted
on this segment, representing an increase of
17% compared with 2006 and more than double
the amount invested in 2004.
Out of this global record, Île-de-France
attracted €20 Bn of investments, or 70% of
the total. This being said, the share of the regions
at 30% is clearly increasing. Offices represented
the lion's share, with 70% of the amounts invested
nationwide, a proportion which rose to 86% for
the Paris area.
A market characterised by major transactions,
since 58% of the volume of transactions involved
operations worth more than €100m, and 25 deals
exceeded €200m.
A particularly active
market in 2007