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Bell Ringer
In your own opinion what are the three most important
characteristics of Totalitarianism?
What was lebensraum and how did it lead to World War
How did the policy of appeasement lead to World War II?
Germany before World War II
Germany secretly
planning to expand
Why Austria and
Austria: Majority favored
unification with Germany
Germany Expansion
Austria is taken unopposed.
Sudetenland: western border of Czechoslovakia with
high German speaking population
Munich Agreement 1938
Leader of France, Germany and Great Britain Meet
Hitler declares retaking Sudetenland his “last territorial
Result: Non-violent resolution and Germany gets
Nonaggression Pact
Hitler eyes Poland
Poland close ties with
Soviet Union, France and
Great Britain
Nonaggression Pact:
Soviet Union and
Germany agree to not
attack each other
Soviet Union and
Germany secret
agreement to divide
1939: Invasion of Poland
German Air and Ground
forces invade Poland on
September 1, 1939
Blitzkrieg: “lightning war”,
strategy to take enemy by
surprise and crush
opposition with
overwhelming force
September 3rd 1939:
Britain and France
declare war on Germany
War begins in the European Theater
Maginot Line: a system of
fortifications built along
France's eastern border
Sitzkrieg: The sitting war
May 1940: Hitler enters
France by passing
through Ardennes and
begins to march towards
Hitler Marches on Paris
German forces overrun
France within a week
German Forces trapped
almost 400,000 Allied
troops on the beaches of
Dunkirk where they had to
retreat across the English
The Battle of Britain
Hitler looks towards Britain
German Air Force: Luftwaffe
Summer 1940: Air raids every night over Britain
Targets: Airfields, Aircrafts, Cities
The invention of radar and its use by the Royal Air Force
turn the tide in favor of Britain
Why do you think the
British government
created this
propaganda poster
during the Battle of
Britain in WWII?
Map Activity
•Create a legend for your
•1- Austria
•2- Hungary
•3- Italy
•Outline Allied and Axis
nations in BLUE and
RED respectively
•Use the map on page
744 for reference