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Features of Humerus
 Head – large, smooth rounded end
that articulates with scapula
 Greater & lesser tubercles – points
of muscle attachment for muscles
that move the shoulder and arm
 Intertubercular sulcus – shallow
groove between greater & lesser
tubercles; holds tendons for biceps
brachii muscle
Features of Humerus
Anatomical neck - site of
epiphyseal line
Surgical neck – just below
tubercles; place where most
fractures occur
Features of Humerus
 Deltoid tuberosity – rough area
along humerus where deltoid muscle
 Coronoid fossa – on anterior
surface; shallow depression for the
 Radial fossa – on anterior surface;
shallow depression for the radius
Features of Humerus
Medial & lateral epicondyles –
projections on the distal end
where muscles of forearm
Capitulum – on lateral side;
articulates with radius
Trochlea – on medial side;
articulates with ulna
Features of Humerus
Olecranon fossa – on posterior
surface; where ulna fits with
the humerus to form the hinged
joint of the elbow