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Electricity New Connection Process
(Large Market - >160 MWh)
REC –Registered Electrical Contractor to
complete EWR and CES
Customer to complete relevant AGL
application form – confirmation of fee
acceptance and applicable metering
Confirmation of expected demand by
Customer – hrs/day, days/year and
Peak/Off Peak %
Confirmation that site will be Large
Market –Confirmation internally
Contracts (Letter of Variation) to be
drawn up and sent to Customer for sign
Contracts returned signed by Customer
to AGL – account set up
Confirmation from Network – ACCEPTED
NMI emailed from Network to AGL
(expected timeframe – 2 Bus days)
AGL sends Meter Request Form (MRF)
to Meter Data Provider (MDP). MDP will
contact the Electrician directly to book
appointment for connection
Confirmation of Service order/s emailed
to Customer. Please allow up to 20 Bus
days for connection pending Network
Request for Meter
» Procurement Australia
» Business Customers
» Commercial in Confidence
All paperwork submitted to AGL via
[email protected]
Allocated to MAC Service Consultant validation of REC paperwork
3 Bus Days
Order submitted to Network by AGL
AGL as a retailer is not responsible for metering of Large Market sites. This is the role of the REC,
metering company and network.
AGL will issue the request to the network on behalf of the customer but will not be responsible for
delays that are caused by non compliant sites.
If the network is to attend the site and finds it to be non compliant, AGL will be notified and we will then
endeavour to contact the customer.
Service orders will need to be resubmitted and normal timeframes will apply.
All supply requests/ issues are directed toward the Network.
» Procurement Australia
» Business Customers
» Commercial in Confidence