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“Literary Vladimir Land”
Completed by Dmitry
The 5th course
My name is Dima. I’d like to
invite you to make a literary tour
around Vladimir land. Our native
land is famous not only for its
architecture. It is famous for its
very talented writers. There are a
lot of places connected with the
names of outstanding Russian
writers. These names are well
known in the world.
Let is begin with the
nineteenth century. Who
does not know the name of a
great writer A.I.Odoevskiy.
He is a representative of the
ancient noble family. You
can see his birthplace not far
from Yuriev-Polsky. In 1828
he sent a poem to A.Pushkin
as the answer to Pushkin's
The next famous Russian
writer whose name is
connected with our land is
K.Balmont. He was born in
Vladimir land not far from
Sure. He got his education in
Vladimir lyceum number one,
now it is school number one.
He is known as one of the
best poets of the "Silver age".
He was against the October
revolution that's why he left
Russia for France and died
In our days Vladimir land is
famous for its writers and
poets too. Who doesn't
know the name of S.Nikitin.
I'm sure that you read his
stories, such as "Alive
Water", "Dasha" and others.
He was born in Kovrov. The
main topic of his books is
nature, the beauty of
Vladimir land, relations
between people.
Every year in Vyazniki is held a
festival devoted to A.Fatyanov.
Lovers of his poems come here to
recite poems and to listen to his
So as you can see, our Vladimir literature is very rich.
I think we can be proud of our writers and poets.