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Vision. Innovation. Commitment.
That’s what sets Belmont Trading Company apart from the rest.
2014 Belmont Trading Company - All Rights Reserved.
Vision. Innovation. Commitment.
About Belmont Trading
We are passionate about finding alternative markets for obsolete electronics
that both expands the product value and protects the world’s resources.
Over twenty-five years ago, Belmont Trading Company recognized that the
surplus of obsolete technology on a global scale needed solutions far beyond
just digging a bigger hole. So we began pioneering new uses, new markets
and new environmentally conscious ways of recovering and recycling
electronic products.
In just a few short years, Belmont Trading Company became the recognized
leader in this critical business area because of our high standards in product
security, licensed environmental practices, and sustainable solutions.
Customized Solutions.
Environmental Integrity. Global Locations.
Our Mission
We are passionate about finding alternative markets for products within a
quickly changing technological environment and shortened product life cycles.
Our focused expertise on recycling and reuse allows our corporate partners to
maximize their revenue on obsolete products without taking an eye off their
core business.
Belmont Trading Company is deeply committed to developing the right solution
for each company—we don’t just offer another off-the-shelf template.
While others have followed in our footsteps, Belmont Trading Company remains
the preferred partner for recycling and reuse because of our deep expertise, our
key global locations, and our ability to maximize revenue for every company.
Standards that go higher.
Solutions that go further.
Customized Solutions
All companies have different choices on how to dispose of obsolete
electronics. Fortune 500 partner with Belmont Trading Company because our
solutions go beyond common disposal to programs that maximize product
value while setting the standard in sensitive information protection and
environmental integrity.
Our secure product recycling and reuse includes:
• Printed circuit boards
• Mobile phones and accessories
• PDAs and other handhelds
• Computer systems and networking gear
Belmont Trading Company is a preferred recovery, recycling and marketing
partner include and we are proud of our compliance to the highest standards of
environmental safety and licensing.
Recovery And Recycling Services
Companies have different comfort levels with where and how they want their
surplus or obsolete electronic inventory to be recycled or recovered. Belmont
Trading Company understands that each company has a different need, and our
services are designed to be flexible in order to tailor the right solution for each
recovery and recycling issue.
Remarketing Products
We offer global recycling and reuse solutions for a wide variety of electronic
materials. Whether we recycle or reuse your obsolete inventory, Belmont
Trading Company always finds safe, secure solutions that follow the strictest
international guidelines. We work with you to develop solutions that are
responsive, environmentally friendly and achieve the desired profitability.
Process Flow
During each recycling and reuse project, Belmont Trading Company provides
total security and complete environmental compliance. Our years of experience
in recycling and reuse also provide maximum value recovery and highest
potential revenue for your company.
Product Security
Nothing is more important to your product recycling or reuse project than
knowing that everything is secure and controlled. All of the Belmont Trading
Company’s global locations offer the highest level of product security during
both working and non-working hours.
Environmental Integrity
Anyone can say their recycling and recovery is environmentally sound. But do
they have the license and certifications to back it up? We do.
Belmont Trading Company holds the most rigorous environmental licenses
and certifications issued by federal and local governments in countries around
the world. We use an independent safety and environmental consulting firm
to perform regular auditing of our facilities. This ensures that your electronic
recycling and reuse is being conducted in accordance to the most up-to-date
standards. In some cases, Belmont Trading Company actually exceeds the
environmental guidelines.
Right where companies need us.
Global Facilities
Belmont Trading Company provides full-service recycling, recovery and reuse
facilities in key manufacturing and industrial centers around the world. This
is not only more convenient, but can reduce transportation costs that help
maximize the value of your materials and minimize the environmental impact.
Each of our high-capacity facilities provides total recycling and reuse solutions,
the highest environmental standards, and comprehensive security features.
Experienced. Committed. Passionate.
Our People
The people of Belmont Trading Company represent a team of the most
experienced recycling and reuse experts in the business. Each is committed to
creating sustainable solutions and maximizing product value for each client.
They all share the same passion for making the world a better place through
environmentally sound technology recycling.
fax 847.412.9692
900 Corporate Grove
Buffalo Grove, IL 60089
2014 Belmont Trading Company - All Rights Reserved.