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Press release
PERSONIO raises 2.1 Million Euro seed round to become Europe’s
leading HR and Recruiting SaaS Solution
Munich, July 2016 - PERSONIO (​​
), the innovative HR management and recruiting platform
for small and medium-sized businesses, raised a two million Euro seed round from Global Founders
Capital, Picus Capital, the Stylight Founders and other individual Business Angels. The funds will be used
to increase development and support capacities that can further enhance the feature-richness of the
software as well as keep up the high level of customer service at scale. So far, PERSONIO has not engaged
in any marketing activities, attracting a high double-digit number of customers simply through referrals.
Consequently, the investment will also be used to hire first sales agents.
PERSONIO is a holistic SaaS solution that enables managing all human resource processes within only one
software. With features supporting the management of employee data, documents, salary, and vacation
as well as a comprehensive recruiting system including the facilitation of on- and off-boarding processes,
PERSONIO leverages the overlaps between those areas. Through its configurability, PERSONIO allows
companies to implement their individual HR processes, simplifying recurring administrative tasks such as
generating working contracts or approving time-off requests. Within PERSONIO, each employee receives
an own account that can be individually configured through a sophisticated concept of roles and access
rights that allows for including them into the mentioned processes. Among PERSONIO’s customers are
young tech companies such as Thermondo, orderbird and Service Partner One as well as established
mid-sized enterprises like FischerAppelt, Pixum or the EQS Group.
PERSONIO Co-Founder Hanno Renner commented: “We are very excited about the trust renowned
investors place in our idea and are looking forward to using the funds to accelerate growth and actively
acquire new customers. At the same time we will keep up our valued service level and further develop our
Up to date, PERSONIO is completely bootstrapped and has not relied on prior investments. Simply
through own revenues, PERSONIO grew to 10 employees in less than a year. The company was founded
by Hanno Renner, Roman Schumacher, Arseniy Vershinin, and Ignaz Forstmeier with the initial support of
Nino Ulsamer. The whole team has its roots at the Center for Digital Technology Management (CDTM) in
Munich, a hub for a range of successful startups, such as Stylight, Freeletics, and eGym.
[email protected]
+49 (89) 1250 1004