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Data Tables
• VBA user subroutine to automate repetitive
operations in excel
• Keyboard shortcut: fast way to make the macro
run (CTRL+ «letter»)
• Activate the macro
• Attach macros to a button on the Ribbon or the
Quick access toolbar
Data tables
• To do complex sensitivity analysis
• One dimensional (one variable is changed)
• Two dimensional (two variables are changed)
• Put formulas on the top row and the variable we wish to vary in the
• Highlight the table area
• Data/sensitivity analysis/ Data table
• Select the cell input in row or in column
Data Tables
• Two dimensional (two variables are changed)
• Upper left hand corner of the Table contains
the formula
• Two variables we wish to vary in the adjacent
column and row
Arrays, matrices
• Row vector, column vector, matrix
• Matrix operations (addition, scalar multiplication)
• Transpose(matrix)
• matrix multiplication: Mmult(matrix 1; matrix 2)
• Inverse of a matrix: Minverse(matrix)
Solving systems of symultaneous linear
A matrix of coefficients
x=vector of unknowns
b=vector of constants