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Tata Technologies helps businesses become market leaders
Many businesses are not realizing their potential to introduce new products ahead of
their competitors, expand into new territories with a degree of confidence,
collaborate more effectively with new partners or simply work smarter, according to
Engineering Services and Product Development specialists, Tata Technologies.
Tata Technologies have been analysing the Automotive, Aerospace and Industrial
Machinery sectors and concluded that many companies have yet to reach the
operational efficiencies that product lifecycle management (PLM) offers and in many
cases they are unclear how to proceed from their current state.
Tata Technologies President of Sales – Europe, Richard Welford said: “We have
begun a program called “One Step”, a methodical approach to help overcome the
internal obstacles which are stopping your company realising its goals and making
you the market leader.”
By considering your product development effectiveness, in terms of a maturity
model, Tata Technologies can work with you, to build a measured and realistic stair
step towards a more effective development process.
Richard Welford concluded: “Tata Technologies systematic process creates a clear
roadmap towards success, defined one step at a time. From getting the most out of
PLM tools or IT infrastructure to providing engineering services, each step is
intended to accelerate your business towards market leadership. Within this
framework we will be publishing “Value Boosts”; targeted solutions to help key areas
of your product development process achieve a step change in capability.”
Tata Technologies’ “One Step” programme helps businesses to become market leaders