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Field Applications Engineer-­‐West POSITION SUMMARY The Field Applications Engineer – West will be an West Coast based position – ideally in the Los Angeles area – and will support the North American Director of Sales in growth of the EAW brand in the US and Canadian markets. ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS AND MAJOR RESPOSIBILITIES Main function will be to support sales growth via product demonstrations and training in conjunction with and independent of EAW ISF. In addition, FAE will interface with consultants as determined by DoS to bring consultant community up to speed on new products and technologies. FAE will participate in training of EAW ISF on new products and technologies and develop the ISF skill set to the point where they can demo key products effectively on their own. As needed, FAE will support EAW Application Support Group with loudspeaker design assistance, and factory-­‐assisted commissioning support on projects deemed appropriate/necessary by DoS and ASG. Other duties will be trade show and event support and certification/training for EAW customers. Travel is an integral part of this position and will constitute at least 50% of the work month. REQUIRED QUALIFICATIONS -­‐
Candidate must have a strong background in live and/or installed audio Experience in PA tuning and/or sound system design preferred Proficiency with acoustical modeling software (EASE), prediction software and acoustical measurement software (SMAART or SysTune) is important. Excellent people skills Be able to lift heavy gear as needed EDUCATION/EXPERIENCE Minimum of 2 to 4 years with pro audio manufacturer in sales or technical position or similar experience with contractor/integrator. Bachelor’s Degree preferred.