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The Queen of Trees
Video Guide
Question and Answer Space
What is the name of the Queen of Trees?
To what area/continent/country is this tree native?
Where is the flower (reproductive part) of the tree found?
List 5-6 animals (insects, mammals, birds, etc) that eat the figs.
What is the relationship between the parasitic wasp (bigger one) and the
fig wasp?
What is the role of the male fig wasp?
Describe how the female wasp gets in and pollinates the fig.
Explain the relationship between ants and the fig tree. Describe the ants’
behavior with the Hilda nymphs.
Explain the relationship between the grey hornbills and the fig tree.
Why do some insects cut through the veins in the leaf?
What’s with all the licking? (Monkeys)
Name 3 ways in which seeds are dispersed.
Sketch a small diagram
Optional Activities, post-video:
Be prepared to address the following tasks or questions using examples from the video, The
Queen of Trees.
 How the tree or other organisms within the video display evolution (provide 3-4 examples) using the
following terms:
 How the tree or other organisms within the video display reproduction (provide 3-4 examples) using
the following terms:
 How the tree or other organisms within the video display genetics
 How the tree or other organisms show energy and matter (provide 3-4 examples)
 List 4-5 various populations of organisms (i.e., species) mentioned in this ecosystem.
 List members of each trophic level shown in the video.
 Explain factors, including matter and energy, in the environment that limit the growth of plant and
animal populations in natural ecosystems.
 Within the biodiversity of the tree’s environment, list 2-3 interdependencies among the organisms and
explain how they depend on each other.
In your journal, draw a large diagram that depicts the story in of the video, The Queen of Trees.
Label your diagram using the following terms, and place a box around each term when used:
The Sycamore Fig (The Queen)
Fig wasps
Carbon Dioxide
Seed Dispersal