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Hitachi Data Systems Upstream Oil and Gas Overview
Reduce time-to-oil by interpreting more data in less time
Escalating demand for energy and diminishing access to conventional
supplies are pushing up prices and making unconventional sources of
energy commercially viable – indeed, making them essential to meet
demand and fuel the economy. In the competitive race to discovery,
we understand that time is money.
Energy demand in developed countries/
OECD economies are expected to stabilize
due to focus on energy efficiency, while
developing/emerging economies (non-OECD)
are projected to require much more energy
– 2x growth in the next 30 years – resulting
in dramatically increasing energy needs.
Like you, Hitachi Data Systems knows that
innovation is the key to progress. We believe
that data drives our world and information is
the new currency. We are committed to
reducing the amount of workflow time
necessary to reach a successful drilling solution,
or a reservoir management solution, that allows
you to make decisions faster and improve and
predict production. To achieve this, we will
interpret more data in less time and accelerate
analysis workflows and decision-making.
We and our ecosystem of partners will work
closely with you to accelerate total workflow,
from data acquisition through data management, seismic processing, visual interoperation,
modeling automation, petrophysical analysis
and property modeling to simulation. By
interpreting more data in less time, we will
reduce time-to-oil as well as enable safer and
more efficient production of energy.
Hitachi Data Systems
Dealing with big data
requires a complete solution
of global support, hardware
and software components,
and integration with thirdparty solutions – not parts.
Business overview
Risk continues to dominate the energy
landscape and competition is rapidly
becoming a dominant consideration. Oil
and gas companies have seen significant
increases in drilling, service, production,
and operating costs over the past decade
and more complex operations generally
mean more expense, but with potentially
huge returns. To mitigate risk and gain a
competitive advantage, it is imperative
to create high-quality decision-support
information that enables companies to bid on
very large contracts with immense responsibilities – or to decline participation where
the information is less favorable. Either way,
companies must arrive at well-researched
decisions as quickly as possible.
To control costs, increase production, drive
for higher safety, and comply with environmental regulations, oil and gas companies
must continue to optimize processes and
embed controls. In an effort to contain costs,
companies typically focus heavily on 3rdparty spend, headcount, shared services,
IT efficiencies and outsourcing in areas not
deemed part of their core competency.
Business success, however, depends on
keeping data pure and accessible. Hitachi
Data Systems solutions create such efficiencies and protect your investment.
The oil and gas industry is one of the highest
consumers of data storage in the world, and
ever-changing business requirements and
demands for the discovery and production
of hydrocarbons require new solutions.
Business Value
As a solutions provider, we must clearly state how to define a solution. A solution
must resolve a business problem, which typically fulfills a step in a business process and fits within a defined workflow. Solutions range from simple to complex,
involving collaboration of one or more ISVs, one or more IT infrastructure vendors,
and the end-user’s business unit. Dealing with big data requires a complete solution
of global support, hardware and software components, and integration with thirdparty solutions – not parts.
Hitachi Data Systems provides solutions that have been architected for diverse
performance requirements, massive scalability, and reduced complexity, while
saving on total cost of ownership. We manage the information lifecycle and ensure
secure access to the right information via multiple access paths in an ever-changing
environment, as well as provide cost-efficient and nondisruptive scaling.
Make higher quality decisions faster by increasing the delivered performance
and capacity in mixed application workflows
Optimize for the right technology use – in the right place – and enable transparent
migration between technologies
Control complexity and simplify administration while meeting power, space and
cooling requirements
Virtualize and consolidate across file-oriented and block-oriented needs
Easily secure information access and collaboration with heterogeneous clients
and multiple access protocols
Automate compliance and data retention policies
Provide multitenant and virtualization support
Store and search archived data
Although the industry continues to adapt
quickly to its challenges, IT infrastructures
are challenged to keep up with serving
the data to the computational operations.
Unfortunately, I/O performance bottlenecks
can occur when traditional NAS and SAN
storage systems host the data and feed
into the computational workflows. These
systems do not deliver the performance or
scalability needed to support today’s energy
exploration efforts. Performance bottlenecks
become especially evident during peak
load times, in a shared environment, where
multiple demands simultaneously stress the
storage system.
Many interconnected, increasingly complex and rapidly changing workflows
Exponential growth in the volume of data
Computational demands increasing by
orders of magnitude
Managing complexity and increasing
Facilitating collaborative computing and
secure access to data
Think big
Although oil and gas companies have considerable experience working with big data,
they now have access to information that was
once only dreamed about. Organizations
are turning to advances in seismic imaging,
real-time information sharing and analysis to
determine the commercial viability of tapping
new reservoirs and optimizing production to
meet increasing energy demand. Inherent
in these technological advances are evergrowing data of all types, multitudes of data
sources and faster acquisition times that
continue to amass terabytes and even petabytes of information per square kilometer.
This mass of information is a collection
of different data sets, so large, varied
and complex that it becomes increasingly difficult and time-consuming to work
with efficiently using traditional relational
databases. Instead, hardware-accelerated
network storage solutions and parallel
file systems are required to serve data
to tens, hundreds, or even thousands of
analysis servers. Hitachi Data Systems
delivers enterprise-level data management and availability along with exceptional
hardware and software solutions that make
processing massive quantities of data, in
the fastest possible times, appear simple.
This powerful combination means that in
addition to serving that data we also protect it and help the IT staff manage it.
When a few minutes or even seconds make
the difference in achieving business success,
you need a complete solutions provider
that has the business agility to manage and
scale in real time with your business. We
understand the importance of having constant access to your data along with the
assurance that data protection has been
architected into the solution from the outset.
Interpret more seismic data
in less time
Get performance and advanced data
management features to meet the
challenges of today’s data-intensive oil
and gas exploration activities and strict
project deadlines
Accelerate discovery in oil and gas
exploration with high performance,
massive scalability, reduced cost of
ownership and multiple OS support
Our focus is not how you run your business.
We are focused on why you are in business.
Better storage for richer data
Maintain high data throughput and high
I/O performance to keep today’s highperformance computing clusters satisfied
Scale easily to accommodate the rapidly
growing data sets from seismic imaging techniques for the data acquisition,
processing, or interpretation phases
Consolidate petabytes of data onto a
single infrastructure with a common set
of management tools
Support standard protocols and accommodate applications running on all
operating systems, even when they’re
accessing the same dataset
Beyond performance, reduce the discovery process by days or even weeks by
avoiding bottlenecks
Features and benefits
Use a full set of high-availability features
such as redundant components and paths,
multiple RAID levels, and cluster failover
across multiple nodes to avoid downtime
Accommodate today’s exploration equipment that uses many different applications
running on a variety of operating systems,
including Unix, Linux, and Windows
Adapt to a large number of simultaneous
reads against the same stored dataset
as calculations are distributed across
hundreds or thousands of servers
Hitachi Services Framework
Executive ownership
Program management
Project management
■■ Business stakeholders
■■ Business case
■■ Transformation roadmap
■■ Transformation attainment
■■ Operational maturity
■■ Service catalog
■■ ITSM architecture
■■ Service management
process standards
■■ Operation readiness
■■ Capacity management
■■ Asset management
■■ Operational management
■■ Skills assessment
■■ Skills gap analysis
■■ Organizational change
■■ Organizational transition
■■ Operational residences
■■ Content analysis
■■ Data analysis
■■ Content and data man-
■■ Content migration
■■ Data migration
■■ Application integration
■■ Data reporting, monitoring
■■ Technology assessment
■■ DO assessment
■■ Alignment to reference
■■ Technology implementation
■■ Technology integration
■■ Technology reporting
■■ Service definition
agement architecture
and provisioning
and monitoring
The Hitachi Data Systems advantage
Hitachi Data Systems provides best-inclass information technologies, services
and solutions that
Deliver compelling customer ROI
Manage data growth while collecting
and connecting data to create valuable
Provide performance and capacity
scaling combined with enterprise-class
data management
Cut costs, reduce operational complexity
and improve IT agility
Allow people to access, share and
secure information
Corporate Headquarters
2845 Lafayette Street
Santa Clara, California 95050-2639 USA
Help organizations innovate, collaborate
and grow
Integrate compute, storage, networking, software and services in end-to-end solutions
We combine our systems, software and
expertise and work with our ecosystem of
partners to meet the needs and budgets
of the most demanding companies. Our
applications offer
End-to-end virtualization across both
file and block
Massive consolidation
Data replication
Archival solutions
Ability to scale up and scale out as
business objectives require
Our solutions enable
Broad heterogeneous storage management
Business continuity
Backup and recovery
Performance enhancement
Data migration
Data lifecycle management
Finally, our consultative approach and deep
expertise allows you to effective reach your
desired state. This is accomplished by following the Hitachi Services Framework, which
delivers deep expertise, proven methodology,
and best practices to help your organization
maximize the value of your investment.
Regional Contact Information
Americas: +1 408 970 1000 or [email protected]
Europe, Middle East and Africa: +44 (0) 1753 618000 or [email protected] Asia Pacific: +852 3189 7900 or [email protected]
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