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When would the car have the greatest and the
least kinetic energy?
When would it have the greatest and the least
potential energy?
If the potential energy at Y was 30,000 j and
the Kinetic energy was 40,000 j, what is the
mechanical energy of the cart?
What do you think the potential and kinetic
energy at points w and x would be based on
your answer from #3?
What is mechanical energy?
1. What are the different type of energies?
2. Explain what energy is associated with each
3. Can you identify any energy transfers?
The energy stored in atoms and compounds
(potential energy)
• Found in starch and sugar (food)- our bodies source of
• Found in oil and gas- our homes and cars source of energy
Electrical Energy
The energy of moving electrons
• Used to do work
• Example: electrical; energy does work on the stereo and
the stereo produces sound
Sound Energy
The energy of an object’s particles vibrating
•Ex. Pluck a guitar, vibrate your vocal cords
Light Energy
Produced by vibrations of electrically charged
• Ex. Microwaves, lasers
Nuclear Energy
The nucleus of an atom splits giving off energy
• Used to generate electrical energy at nuclear power plants
• Life would not be possible without the nuclear energy of
the sun.
• The sun is our most important energy resource