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In order to be considered a living thing,
how many characteristics of life must an
organism have?
Must all organisms have the ability to
obtain and use energy?
Why do organisms require food?
How do all living things get or release
energy stored in food?
What are some reasons that organisms
need to obtain energy?
What happens if a cell is unable to
maintain organization?
Ultimately, all the energy found in food
came from where?
What are autotrophs and do they obtain
their food?
How do autotrophs make their own
What process in plants makes food?
What are heterotrophs and how do they
obtain their energy?
Do both heterotrophs and autotrophs
need to break down food to release
energy for use?
What process in cells breaks down food
molecules for the purpose of releasing
energy for use?
Why is reproduction essential?
What does reproduction pass onto
What are the two types of reproduction?
What is sexual reproduction?
What is the first cell of new offspring
What does sexual reproduction produce
and why is this important?
What is asexual reproduction?
Does asexual reproduction create
All organisms begin life as how many
How do multicellular organism grow and
by what process?
Does growing require energy?
What is development?
What is differentiation?
Do all cells in an individual have same
exact DNA, even specialized cells?
How do cells become specialized?