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Process for listing threatened species, ecological communities and key
threatening processes under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity
Conservation Act 1999
Minister may determine a conservation theme
Public nominations invited
Nominations are received by the Minister and
the nomination period closes
Nominations are checked for compliance with
the EPBC Regulations. Those that comply with
the regulations are forwarded by the Minister
to the Threatened Species Scientific
Committee (the Committee)
The Committee provides to the Minister the
Proposed Priority Assessment List (PPAL)
The Minister decides on the Finalised Priority
Assessment List (FPAL), which is published on
the Department of Sustainability,
Environment, Water, Population and
Communities (DSEWPaC) website
Start of Assessment Period
The Committee invites public and expert comment
on the nominations to be assessed. (Sensitive details,
such as the name of the nominator and specific
locational information are removed prior to
placement on the website to protect the species or
ecological community proposed for listing).
Following public consultation the Committee
considers whether the nominated species, ecological
community or key threatening process is eligible for
listing, and if so, in which category
The Committee provides its advice to the Minister
The Minister decides on whether to list the
nominated species, ecological communities, or key
threatening processes that were assessed as part of
the FPAL
Information on new listings, including the
Committee’s listing advice to the Minister and
relevant information products, are placed on the
DSEWPaC website. Published information products
are also made available via the Department’s
Community Information Unit
The Minister notifies the nominator of the listing