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The Universe: Secrets of the Sun (History Channel production)
1. The Sun is a type of star called a __________________________________; although it is small for a star,
you could fit ____________________ Earth’s inside the Sun.
2. Early astronomers thought the Sun generated heat by:
The problem with this idea was that:
3. In the 1920’s, scientists discovered that the Sun is powered by ___________________________. This
occurs under what conditions:
4. The material in the Sun is not considered a gas; it is called a ________________________.
5. The fusion of two hydrogen atoms produces helium particles with extra mass; this mass is given off as
6. Particles of light and heat are called _________________________; once they leave the Sun’s surface
they take ________________ to reach Earth.
7. The Sun originated from the “ashes” of an explosion called a _____________________________.
Evidence for this are ____________________________________________ that could only be produced
under such conditions.
8. Why do they reference “Goldilocks” when considering Earth’s distance from Sun?
9. Earth’s distance from the Sun is ___________________________ miles.
10. The Sun’s violent outbursts are driven by ____________________________.
11. The Sun’s plasma doesn’t rotate at the same speed from equator to pole. This is called
12. The magnetic field structure of the Sun is marked by ____________________________________.
13. Where the Sun’s magnetic field is at its most twisted and complex, we see ___________________ ; when
these release their energy, they produce explosions called ___________________________. The energy
from these events can be directed inward to produce a __________________________.
14. What is a CME? __________________________________________________; the speed of this
superheated radioactive plasma leaving the Sun is _____________________ meters per second. These
storms will reach Earth in _______ hours.
15. What protects us from solar flares?____________________________________________________
16. How can power operators prepare for a storm?
17. What is the “kill zone?”
18. Aurora’s work like ___________ signs. ____________ produces green colors; ___________ produces
pinks and blues.
19. What could happen in a “perfect solar storm?”
20. A perfect solar storm is more like to happen during the solar maximum that occurs every ____ years; it is
at this time that the Sun’s magnetic field ____________________________________. The last solar
maximum was in _____________.
21. The outer atmosphere of the Sun is called the _________________________ and has the ____________
temperatures. The reason is that layer underneath is boiling with _______________ cells the size of
Texas. The motion of these cells produces ______________________ energy which super-heats the
22. The only time you can see the corona is during a ______________________________________. This
occurs when the ________________ blocks Earth’s view of Sun. This happens only rarely because the
orbit of the Moon around the Earth is tilted at ___________ degrees. This occurs once every
23. The Sun has a fixed amount of fuel. At it’s current rate of use, it will run out in _____________ years.
24. Why will the sun NOT erupt in a supernova?
25. What will happen to the Sun?