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The Power of Exercise
It’s good for your body - and your brain
It’s been well established that regular physical activity can help
tone your muscles, prevent cardiovascular disease and even
help alleviate symptoms commonly associated with depression
and anxiety.
Exercise also has a direct benefit to the brain. Research
suggests that it makes physiological changes to neurons
resulting in improved cognitive performance. Exercise is one
lifestyle that can modify cognitive performance in the brain
both at young and older age.
Time and time again, physical activity has been identified as a
key factor for successful aging.
And a bonus: Research studies suggest that exercise’s beneficial
effects may last up to more than a week you step off the
The data suggests the brain has a lot of tolerance for frequency
and amount.
There is no downside to exercise, and all signs point to its
relationship to enhanced learning and successful aging.
Exercise is free – you don’t need a pill to do it.
Research studies show that you don’t have to be a hard-core
triathlete to reap the multitude of cognitive and health
Exercise is an essential part of health. It’s like going to work or
doing all those things in life you have to do, you have to
exercise. When you don’t want to, just remind yourself that you
need to and then do it.
There are many forms of exercises that are preferable and
beneficial to you.
The important thing to remember is that you want to get your
heart rate up for at least 10-20 minutes. You should also
incorporate some load barring or resistance training in order to
strengthen bones and muscles.
IQ Memory Formula works best when an appropriate diet and
exercise program is included.
Have your doctor or trainer design a regiment for you that fits
your personal situation.
There is a definite mind body connection for all of us. If you
combine the IQ Memory Formula diet with your exercise
program along with 800 mg of IQ Memory Formula, you can
expect to see full effect in 90-120 days.