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Course Syllabus: World History (R/H)
World History, 1200 BCE – Present Day
Instructor: Mr. Patrick Rabulan, [email protected]
Edmodo Code: t27htk
Course Overview
Students in this course will encounter a fast-paced yet exciting overview of world history
after the golden age of the Roman Empire towards the globalization of the 21 st Century. This
course builds upon students’ knowledge from history courses in grades 6-8, preparing students
for life in an ever-increasing global society.
This course will not only familiarize students with historical eras and trends throughout
world history in multiple disciplines (e.g. advances in technology and science, international and
national political organization, exploration of the human experience in the arts, cross-cultural
appreciation), but will prepare students to critically think about historical narratives and their
implications on human society and identities.
Furthermore, this course is designed to prepare students for future history courses in
the high school curriculum, especially Advanced Placement (AP) courses and state-mandated
courses with End-Of-Course (EOC) assessments.
Course Objectives
By the end of this course, students should be able to demonstrate the following skills:
● Read and analyze sophisticated primary sources (e.g. texts, paintings, historical accounts)
and academic writings
● Write well-constructed essays and research reports
● Think critically by synthesizing a variety of perspectives and information from various
● Discuss controversial issues with maturity and openness
● Present field work and/or research using both visual and oral formats
● Work collaboratively with fellow students to analyze real-world issues
Curriculum Materials
● Ellis, E. G., & Esler, A. (2005). World history: Connections to today. Upper Saddle River, NJ:
Pearson Prentice Hall.
The aforementioned textbooks and any other supplemental in-class materials will be provided
by the school and/or the course instructor.
Course Materials
● Hardcover, 3-ring binder, larger than 2.5 inches
● Sheet protectors
● Ballpoint pens with black or blue ink
● Number Two (#2; No. 2) pencils
Revised 8/4/16
Course Syllabus: World History (R/H)
● Colored pencils (i.e. packs of 12-count; standard multicolored set) OR Crayons (i.e. packs of
24-count; nontoxic, standard multicolored set)
● Notebook filler paper, either college-ruled or wide-ruled
Course Requirements
This course will provide a variety of opportunities for the student to demonstrate his/her
understanding and application of the material presented, track his/her academic progress, and
assess his/her level of preparedness for future social studies courses in high school. These
opportunities are as follows:
1. Tests: Tests will be administered in a multiple-choice format, similar to questions
students would see on end-of-course (EOC) exams and/or AP-level social studies
2. Quizzes: Quizzes will be given regularly to help students retain information regarding
world regions and how they relate to concepts they have learned in recent classes.
3. In-Class Assignments: As a practical complement to in-class instruction, classwork
assignments and activities will be given to students as real-time application of the
concepts being discussed.
4. Homework Assignments: Assignments based on the discussed class material will be
provided to students as reinforcement for concepts covered in class in relation to the
content areas in the World History curriculum.
5. Individual and Group Projects: Projects promoting individual and cooperative
investigation of geographical concepts will be given to students (e.g. field studies, crosscultural interaction).
6. Participation and Extra Credit: Opportunities to gain extra credit will be given to
students. Participation in class will be observed daily and graded at the end of the
grading period.
Specific assignment expectations and rubrics regarding these assignments will be provided in a
timely fashion to guide students in the completion of this work.
Revised 8/4/16
Course Syllabus: World History (R/H)
Grading Policy
Grading Scale
Weight Distribution
Letter Grade
Percentage Points
Course Requirement
Percentage of Final
NOTE: An excused absence does not leave students exempt from completing assignments. If
students miss class and present their instructor with proof of an excused absence from the
school, students will have three (3) days to complete missed assignments. In the gradebook,
these assignments will be marked with a “Z.” If students fail to turn in these assignments after
the grace period, the grade for the assignment will remain a “Z.”
Course Expectations
For the benefit of the relationship of individual students, the class as a whole, and their
instructor, a classroom culture based on shared positive values (i.e. kindness, pursuit of
excellence, respect, responsibility, honesty, and cooperation) will be an integral part of the
learning environment and experience. This is especially important regarding the content of this
specific course, as it provides students the foundation for cross-cultural interaction and
In this, the student is expected to:
● Maintain consistent attendance to class (and proactivity to fulfilling course expectations in
light of absences).
● Complete course assignments in a timely manner, turned in on time or prior to due date.
● Submit legible and appropriately labeled assignments, typewritten or handwritten, and free
of plagiarism.
● Come prepared for class with materials prior to beginning of class period.
● Contribute in a thoughtful manner to all in-class assignments, group work, and discussions.
In return, the instructor will:
● Provide constructive feedback on assignments, subsequent grade summaries, and progress
reports at appropriate intervals, as well as encouragement for students demonstrating
perseverance and hard work throughout the duration of the course.
Revised 8/4/16
Course Syllabus: World History (R/H)
● Regularly review content with students for student improvement.
● Enforce academic policies through appropriate disciplinary action according to school
Technology Policy
This class uses Edmodo, a free and secure learning network for teachers, students, and schools.
It provides a safe way for your instructor and yourself to connect, share content, access
homework, participate in discussions, manage due dates, and receive class information.
Unlike other social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, Edmodo is a tool strictly for
educational purposes and your instructor will be enforcing the following guidelines:
1. Students will be required to use appropriate grammar instead of texting language.
2. Edmodo does not allow private student-to-student messaging - the site will be used to
discuss school-related content only, and the teacher will monitor all Edmodo activity.
3. No put-downs or sarcasm toward another’s ideas. All school rules and consequences
related to harassment apply.
Students who violate the guidelines above may face disciplinary action and/or face losing the
privilege of using Edmodo.
Revised 8/4/16
Course Syllabus: World History (R/H)
Syllabus Agreement Form
I acknowledge that I have received and reviewed the course syllabus for
World History Honors or Regular (circle one),
Period _____, with Mr. Patrick Rabulan (instructor) for the
20___ - 20___ school year.
My class meets at (time) ________ in Room _______.
I have read the syllabus (either on paper or online), and I understand the classroom policies,
instructor’s expectations, and rules as stated in the syllabus for this course. If I have any
questions or concerns, I will contact the instructor for further explanation.
I understand that I am responsible to complete all homework assignments, quizzes/in-class
assignments, and projects as communicated in the syllabus and further instructor notification.
I agree to be prepared for and attend class each day and on each scheduled test day.
Print Name of Student: ___________________________________ Date: _______________
Signature of Student: ___________________________________
I acknowledge that my child has received and reviewed the course syllabus for the course
details stated above. I have read and reviewed the syllabus (either on paper or online) with my
child, and I understand the classroom policies, instructor’s expectations, and rules as stated in
my child’s syllabus for this course.
If I have any questions or concerns, I will contact the instructor for further explanation. I
understand that my child is responsible to complete all homework assignments, quizzes/in-class
assignments, and projects as communicated in the syllabus and further instructor notification.
Print Name of Parent: ___________________________________ Date: _______________
Signature of Parent: ___________________________________
Revised 8/19/16