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Unique and Economic Production Solution To A
Liquid Loading Condition in Southern Alberta,
Carl Kennedy
BJ Services Canada
Darryl Williamson
This paper describes deliquification chemistries and direct downhole application methods to
enhance production on a liquid loading water gas well. A creative approach to chemical
treatment to sustain production in a difficult and limited access on a high water gas well condition
without routine and daily intervention is presented. Located in the Canadian Forces base of
Suffield Alberta, Canada, The cost of intermittent production reduced the economic viability of the
well. The well flow regime’s dictated high production fluid rates and low gas flow. High water
volumes would not allow for steady flow.
Chemical deliquification in remote producing wells which vary in water properties require a
through evaluation of the production fluids in the lab and field as well as continued monitoring
post-installation to ensure effectiveness. Options for artificial lift on this location were few.
Scheduled maintenance visits due to an active military base dictated limited access
With this limited access to the military base and the well site, continuous run times and precise
injection measurements were required. Historically wells which were liquid loaded due to high
water production had no options except for expensive artificial lift systems. These were found to
be costly and “over engineered” solutions.
To date the well has been successfully unloaded using state of the art chemical techniques and a
capillary injection system to optimize the injection rates.
The increase of approximately 300% gas increase in flow using the specifically engineered
surfactant product shows the economic viability of the program.
Optimization and cost reductions have been realized with the addition of a capillary injection
string to reduce chemical costs and all additional hidden cost associated with irregular production.
Further expansion of the well program will included further evaluation of over 2500 + wells that
previously had not been potential candidates to this chemical injection technique.