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Drug Calculations
1. Patient A requires 400mg zuclopenthixol decanoate depot injection. What
volume of the 500mg/ ml preparation should be administered to the
2. Patient B is taking sodium valproate liquid 200mg/ 5ml. they currently take
7.5ml three times per day . what is the current total daily dose?
3. Patient C requires 2mg IM dose of lorazepam. This is available in 4mg /
mg/ml vials and is dilutes with an equal amount of water for injection
before administration. What volume of liquid in total will be in the syringe
immediately before injection?
If you use 2cc of water, the final injection is 1ml
4. Patient D requires 120mg flupenthixol decanoate depot injection. This is
available as 20mg/ml or 200mg/ml vial. Which is the most appropriate to
use for this patient and what volume should be used?
Best option: 200mg/ml vial
5. Patient E is prescribed 210mg olanzepine pamoate solution 150mg/ ml.
how much solution should be drawn up and injected into the patient?