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Biogeochemical Cycles
Phosphorus Water
Basic Information
• Biogeochemical cycles are governed by
the Law of Conservation of Matter
• They may be Atmospheric, Hydrologic, or
• Atmospheric include the carbon, water,
sulfur and nitrogen cycles
• Hydrologic is the water cycle
• Sedimentary include phosphorus and
sulfur cycles .
Carbon Cycle
Water Cycle
Remember Aquifers???
Phosphorus Cycle
Sulfur Cycle
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Nitrogen Cycle
The stages of the nitrogen cycle
What happens at each stage?
Processes of the Nitrogen Cycle
Chemicals involved in the nitrogen cycle
Use of fertilizers
Farming results in the level of
nitrates in the soil being slowly
depleted. Fertilizers are used to
increase the soil nitrate levels.
However, they can have negative
effects on the environment.
eutrophication – leaching causes the overenrichment of water with nutrients, leading to
excessive algal growth and reduced oxygen levels
reduced species diversity – nitrogen-rich soils can
favor specific species (e.g. grasses) which may lead
to other species being out-competed.
Hubbard Brook Experiment