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TFSD Unwrapped Standard
6th Grade – Social Studies
Power Standard (s) Reference: Standard 3 European Colonization
State Standard: 1 History
District Standard:
TFSD Power Standard:
Students will describe the reasons for exploration of the Western Hemisphere and how
the European Colonization transformed the Western Hemisphere.
Concepts: Need to know about (Nouns)
 Conquistadors
 Explorers
 Religion
 Land
 Spain
 Portugal
 France
Skills: Be able to do (Verb Phrases)
 Identify important Conquistadors and explorers
 Explain reasons for colonization of the New World
 Understand the rise and fall of each civilization
 Understand the role that European countries played in the colonization of the new
Identifying Big Ideas from Unwrapped Standards:
1. Conquistadors and explorers were critical in settling the new world.
2. Reasons for colonization were based on greed for gold, land and religious power.
3. The rise and fall of the ancient civilizations is essential in understanding the development of
the new world.
4. Colonization of the New World was impacted by the arrival of the Europeans.
Essential Questions from Big Ideas to Guide Instruction and Assessment:
1. Who were the integral explorers in the migration to the new world?
2. What were the factors that led Europeans to conquer the new world?
3. What were the factors in the rising of the new world and what were the effects of their
4. How was the colonization of the new world impacted by the arrival of the Europeans?
Possible Topics or Context: (what you will use to teach the concepts and skills-particular
unit, lessons or activities)
 Time Line
 Simulations