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America’s War for Independence
Directions: Fill in the 38 blanks with the correct information.
In an attempt to end the siege of Boston, the British bloodily stormed the American
positions on (1)___ in June, 1775. In the autumn of 1775, the Americans launched a
daring two-pronged invasion of (2)___ which culminated in an attack on (3)___ on New
Year’s eve. The British next landed the largest armed force to be seen in America
before the Civil War and captured the key seaport of (4)___ after inflicting a
humiliating defeat on Washington and his raw troops at the Battle of (5)____.
Washington finally led the remnants of his tattered army to safety across the (6)____
River, after collecting all available boats to forestall pursuit. He thereupon surprised
the British by re-crossing the river and capturing over a thousand (7)___ at (8)____ in
December of 1776. He followed up this success a week later with a second victory
over a British force at (9)___.
The British renewed their efforts in 1777. A large invasion force from Canada, under
the command of General (10)____, was to drive down the (11)___ Valley by way of Lake
(12)___ and cut off (13)___ from the rest of the colonies. But the British timetable was
upset by the brilliant defensive maneuverings of (14)___, culminating in a desperate
naval battle on Lake Champlain which delayed British seizure of Fort (15)___.
Meanwhile, instead of moving north to meet Burgoyne, the main British army under
the command of General (16)___ moved south and captured the major American city
of (17)___ after inflicting two defeats on Washington at the hard fought battles of
(18)____ and (19)___. Washington went into winter headquarters at (20)___. But
Howe’s victories may have sealed Burgoyne’s fate. Thousands of militia began to
gather on his flanks. After General (21)____’s courageous counterattack at Freeman’s
Farm, Burgoyne was forced to surrender his entire army to General (22)____ at
(23)____. This moment became the turning point of the war when the (24)____
entered into an alliance with the Americans and helped turn the tide of battle. With
the exception of a sharp action fought in June, 1778, at (25)_____, fighting came to a
virtual end in the North.
The South now became the major theater of military action. In 1780, a British force
led by General (26)_____ captured an entire American army at (27)_____ and began a
drive north through the (28)____. The badly outnumbered Americans under the
command of General (29)____ could not face the main British army but did inflict
severe defeats on British detachments at (30)_____ late in 1780 and at (31)_____ in
early 1781. The British army now moved into Virginia, and ultimately to (32)____ on
(33)_____ Bay, where they expected to receive supplies and reinforcements from the
British fleet. Instead, a powerful French fleet commanded by Admiral (34)_____ came
north from the West Indies and a combined Franco-American force under the joint
command of Generals (35)_____ and (36)____ came south from New York. The last
major land battle of the war ended when General (37)_____ surrendered his entire
army at (38)_____ in 1781. Although the final peace treaty did not go into effect until
1783, the American Revolutionary War was over.
1. Bunker Hill
20. Valley Forge
2. Canada
21. Benedict Arnold
3. Quebec
22. Burgoyne
4. New York
23. Saratoga
5. Long Island
24. French
6. Delaware
7. Hessians
8. Trenton
27. Charleston
9. Princeton
28. Carolinas
10. Burgoyne
29. Greene
11. Hudson
30. King’s Mountain
12. Champlain
31. Cowpens
13. New England
32. Yorktown
14. Benedict Arnold
33. Chesapeake
15. Ticonderoga
16. Lowe
17. Philadelphia
36. Washington
18. Brandywine creek
19. Germantown
38. Yorktown