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Jeong-Hyeon Kim
31 Studio, St. Marks Court, Shay
Street, Leeds, LS6 2QJ
Phone 07450033285
E-mail [email protected]
A highly motivated and enthusiastic post-graduate student with a good knowledge of arts and
cultural industries. Enriched and broaden my mindset and deeply studied on cultural industries
during master course. Had numerous experiences in theatre works, including sets, lighting and
managing for a show. Able to build a good relationship with amiable and extrovert character.
University of Leeds, UK (Sep. 2014 – Present. Expected graduation date: Sep. 2015)
MA Culture, Creativity and Entrepreneurship
▪ Dissertation
Audience development in the UK and South Korea
; a comparative study of two National Theatres
▪ Modules
Cultural Policy, Performance and Collaborative Enterprise,
Theoretical Perspectives, Research Perspectives, Research Project
National Institute for Lifelong Education, South Korea (Mar. 2007 – Aug. 2012)
BA Theatre Studies (Overall 4.25/4.5)
Seoul Institute of the Arts, South Korea (Mar. 2007 – Feb. 2011)
AA Theatre (Overall 3.86/4.5)
▪ The 4th best student scholarship (2009)
▪ TOEIC scholarship (2010)
▪ Global Internship Program – Jamestown/ND/USA (2010)
Positive & Open mindedness
Fast Learner & Adaptability
Time Management
Prioritised Workload
Korean (mother tongue)
Team Working
MS Word
MS Powerpoint
Adobe Photoshop
MS Excel
Research & Analysis
Marketing Strategy
Adobe Illustrator
Theatre Techniques
Auto CAD
Adobe InDesign
* Event Management
Mar. – Oct. 2013 House Usher (Full-time) at Victoria Palace Theatre in London for the musical Billy Elliot.
Communicated with customers to offer them convenient services.
Translated in Korean, when customers needed it.
Nov. 2012
Volunteer for London Korean Film Festival held by Korean Cultural Centre UK in London.
Sep. – Oct. 2012 Seoul Drum Festival in South Korea.
Jul. – Sep. 2008 A government’s forum on history of Korea in South Korea.
Prepared for opening and closing gala with posters and tables and guided for audiences.
Communicated with performers, audiences and some organisations related.
Gave the directions on the back stage during a show.
Called presses for advertising and made papers with information of the event.
Dec. 2010 – Feb. 2011
Sep. – Dec. 2009
Black Madonna performed at Yejang Theatre in South Korea. (150 seats)
The musical Rent performed at Yejang Theatre in South Korea. (150 seats)
Made up a budget and a report on closing accounts including costs of costumes, meals for all
production members, anything needed on the stage to perform the show.
Managed the total money about the amount of £6,000 for Black Madonna and £8,500 for the
musical Rent, distributing proper amounts of money to each part: set, costume, promotion, etc.
Arranged and made schedules for each group to set up the show so as to efficiently manage time
to prepare for the performance.
Decorated foyer and designed promotional materials such as brochure, poster and tickets for
performances by using software: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.
Responsible for marketing used promotion methods like DM, blind marketing, advertising, etc.
* Theatrical Work
Feb. – May. 2012
Mar. – Apr. 2011
Theatre Assistant for sets, props, costumes at National Theatre Company of Korea.
Assistant Set Designer at the Sceneshop Company Chuem Stage in South Korea.
Made the sets and props for the shows below :
GungLi, a project of National Theatre Company of Korea. (650 seats)
The musical Gwanghwamun Younga performed at Sejong Cultural Centre.(3022 seats)
The musical Find Mr. Destiny performed at Gyeongnam Culture & Art Centre. (1564 seats)
The opera Simon Boccanegra performed at Seoul Arts Centre. (2200 seats)
Jan. – Mar. 2011 A Woman Teacher in Class performed at Garden Theatre in South Korea. (150 seats)
Sep. – Dec. 2010 The musical Pippin performed at Ansan Arts Centre in South Korea. (712 seats)
Mar. – Jul. 2009
The musical Fame performed at Yejang Theatre in South Korea. (150 seats)
Analysed and researched into scripts.
Drew and revised sketches for each scene through several pre-production meetings.
Drew up all plans needed to make, to set up and to change the sets for a performance.
Made and set up all sets and props on the stage for a show.
Jun. – Jul. 2010
The musical Aida performed at Jamestown High School Theatre in the U.S. (500 seats)
Apr. 2010
Harvey performed at Reiland Fine Arts Centre in the U.S. (700 seats)
Oct. – Dec. 2008 The musical Do Dream Love performed at Le meilleur Theatre in Korea. (150 seats)
Aug. – Sep. 2008 The musical Broadway in Dreams performed at Hanjeon Centre in Korea. (1000 seats)
 Assisted lighting designers, suggesting my ideas of lighting for a performance.
 Set up the lights: hanged, designed each position and put cues into board operation.
 Controlled board operation or follow spotting during a show.
Performing arts
Cultural policy
Impressionism paintings
Anna Upchurch
Lecturer at University of Leeds
E-mail: [email protected]
Tel: 0113 343 8741
Kylie Shaw
Theatre Manager at Victoria Palace Theatre London
E-mail: [email protected]
Tel: 020 7834 1003