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Parallel Lives
Demetrius Poliorchetes
337–283 BC King of Macedon
“We may, I think avail ourselves of•
the cases of those who have fallen
into indiscretions , and have, in
high stations, made themselves
conspicuous for misconduct….we
shall be all the more zealous to
read, observe and imitate the better lives if we are not left in
ignorance of the blameworthy
and the bad…
Mark Antony 83-30 BCE
“…two persons who justify the
words of Plato that great natures
produce great vices as well as
great virtues. … Both were
amorous and intemperate,
warlike and munificent,
sumptuous in their ways of living
and overbearing in their
manners… their lives a series of
great successes and disasters,
mighty acquisitions and
tremendous losses of power…”
Early Life
Brilliant Promise; Bad Choices 2
• Curio
Grandfather killed by Marius
Father married into Julian family
Father Creticus died early
Mother married Cornelius
Lentulus, executed by Cicero 63BCE
Early Adventures, 3 pp. 273-4*
Syria : Commander of Cavalry
Egypt: Opportunity Knocks
Antony and Hercules, 4
Antony in Rome, 49 BCE
• Did Antony begin Civil Wars? *6
Associated with Curio and Caesar
As tribune and augur
Pompey’s troops sent to Bibulus
Reads out letters from Caesar
which Senators tried to suppress
Moves that both Caesar and
Pompey should dismiss troops
which large majority approve
• Antony entrusted with
command of troops and
administration of Italy
Best Soldier Next to Julius Caesar, 7-8
• Defeating Pompey 48 BCE
Antony as Master of the Horse and Cos, 8-11
Fights with Dolabella, tribune
Punishment and Marriage, p. 280*
» Married to
• Way of Living, p.279
» Fulvia
» Ful
» Married to Clodius
Married to Clodius
Married to Curio
Conspired with
Antony’s brother
Against Octavian
The Ides of March and After, 12-16, p. 283, 4
Flight of the Conspirators;
Arrival of Octavian, 16-18, p. 285
• Antony Declared Public Enemy
• Antony Declared Public Enemy
• Battle of Mutina 43 BCE
• antony
The Second Triumvirate, 20-22, p.288
• Battle of Philippi 42 BCE
Octavian goes to Rome; Antony Goes East
Needs money promised to soldiers ; Harsh to Greece and Asia 23-25
Off to Parthia , but Cleopatra
• interrupts his plans, 25-26, p. 294, 6
• Bad Behavior , p.291
Wrong Time to Dawdle
• Antony goes to Alexandria with Cleopatra 2829 *
to play around
• Italy
• Parthia
• Sicily
Wake Up Calls
Triumvirate Renewed, 40 BCE
Resentments and Suspicions,33-35
• With Octavia in Athens: Ventidius 34
• Octavian in Rome
Meeting in Tarentum 37 BCE
Marcus Antonius vs. Antony and Cleopatra, 36*
Antony’s Eastern Expedition, 37-52,
Blunders? 38, v. p.355
Difficulties, Escape, and Triumph
over Armenia in Alexandria, 32 BCE
Octavia vs. Cleopatra, 51-54
Alexandria, 53, p.320
• Sent Back to Rome,54,
• p.321
• Donations, p.56-7
No Room for 2 at the Top
Preliminaries to War, 55-59,
Denunciations in Rome; Responses
As Antony prepares for Armenian war
• Antony rejoins Cleopatra for a
Joy Ride; blunder, 58,p.324
Cleo prevents solution
War Declared Against Cleopatra, 60-68
Army or Navy? 62,63
Challenges, 62
• Antony stronger on land,
but Cleo insists on naval
• And defections by client
Kings kings, 63.
Fight and
65-66, p.332
Winner and Loser
No place
to flee, 69
• Solitude, like Timon, 70
Inimitable Livers become Order of the
Inseparable in Death
Carpe Diem!, 71
Petitions for future of children
and life after Actium 72
• Octavian refuses; he wants
Antony Dead and Cleopatra
alive for Roman Triumph 73
Octavian in Alexandria
Antony’s Last Battle, 74- 76
Death of Antony, 76-77
Death of Cleopatra, 84-86, p. 386
Octavian tries to keep her alive,
But she outwits him