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Stone Age people used bow and
arrows to hunt deers and wooly
mammoths .Also they would kill fish by
througing a harpoon then they get the
fish. Cave Painting now show us that
people in the Stone Age used bow
and arrows to hunt and kill animals .
Hand axe was used to scrape animals
skin so they can were them.
Stone Age people first lived in
dark, gloomy caves however
in the new Stone Age people
started to build and live in
round, small huts . Also they
wore jewellery out of animal
Henges wore mostly found in England.
Stonehenge was built over 5,ooo
years ago.
The Bronze Age was from 2,500 to 800
BC . In the Bronze Age they didn’t
need to kill animals in a farm. They
started mining . Did you know that
they using 10% tin and 90% copper?
The bronze age homes were
round houses with a fire in the
center to cook food and for
keeping warm. They made their
houses out of sticks , animal muck
and stones
The Iron age started at 800BC 43AD . If you were a child in the
Iron age, you would probably
have lived in a round , small
house , similar to bronze age