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Family Resemblance
Name: ___________________________________ Date: ____ Pd: __
Part I: Has anyone ever told you that you have your mom’s eyes or dad’s nose? What about grandma’s dimples or
grandpa’s chin? Choose one trait that you inherited and describe what inheritance means at a molecular level. If you
don’t look like any one in your family choose one trait and describe how it was inherited at a molecular level.
Part II: Watch “What are genes?” and answer the following questions.
1. Where are 99.9% of your genes found?
2. Where is the remaining .1% found?
3. In total how many genes do you have in your body?
4. Your genes are parts of a longer molecule called what?
5. What are the four bases found in DNA?
6. What determines whether you are a chimp, cow, banana or human?
7. Most genes are recipes for making what?
8. When someone says that, “You have your fathers hair,” what they mean in that:
You appear to have ____________________ a gene or genes from your father that makes a
_______________that instructs your hair follicle cells to produce hair that curls like your fathers.
9. What do gene regulators do?
10. DNA is organized into what structure?
11. Different species have different numbers of chromosomes. How many chromosomes do humans have?
 How many total chromosomes do humans have?
How many pairs of chromosomes do humans have?
12. What percentage of the DNA in your chromosomes do you share with other species?
 ______% Rhesus
 ______%
______% With other