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Exosphere Review
1. What is cosmology?
2. Explain the Big Band Theory.
3. What does the protoplanet theory attempt to explain?
4. Briefly list and explain the 3 likely fates of the universe?
5. Describe the historical contributions for each of the following
6. Briefly describe Kepler’s 3 laws.
7. Which planets in our solar system are made primarily of rock?
8. Which planets are larger and made up of gas?
9. Which planet is closest to the sun? What happens to its temperature
during the day and night?
10. Why is Venus so hot?
11. Which planet is most like our own? (Describe 2 ways that it is similar
to earth)
12. Which planet is the largest?
13. What substance makes up Saturn’s rings?
14. Which planet is tilted 90 degrees on its axis?
15. Why are dwarf planets still considered planets and not moons?
16. What gasses make up the atmosphere of the gas giants?
17. Draw the 2 possible life cycles of a star. Label the picture.