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UNIT 14.
Relations among Events
Ex. 1 Prepare a description of relations among events to present to the rest of
the class (150 words). Explain and justify your ideas using proper linking words,
such as in spite of (не смотря на), although (хотя), on the one hand, on the
other hand, etc.
Ex.2 Find in the text Further Concepts in Probability synonyms to the
following words and word combinations:
Study, probability, mostly, deal, combine, different, event, relate, determine,
method, rule, follow, major, category, dependent, independent, mean, occur, way,
affect, example, any, number, face, influence, head, tail, coin.
Ex.3 Summarize the text Further Concepts in Probability in 40-50 words.
Follow the steps:
1. Read the text again.
2. Underline the relevant information.
3. Make notes about the main points. Leave out details such as examples.
4. Make sentences from the notes and link the sentences with connectors (and,
but, because, therefore, hence, etc.).
5. Write your first draft.
6. Improve your first draft by reducing sentences.
• Cut out unnecessary phrases
• Omit qualifying words (adjectives or modifying adverbs)
• Transform relative clauses into –ing participle clauses
7. Write final version of your summary. Don’t forget to check the spelling and
Ex.4 Use the information from the text Further Concepts in Probability to
complete the dialogue in your own words.
A: What is an independent event?
A: What is a dependent event?
A: What is the difference between 'independent' and 'dependent' events?
A: What is interesting about relations among events?
A: And the last question, how do you find the probability of independent and
dependent events?
Creative task:
Generate your MIND MAP on Relations among Events using Inspiration
software on and considering the schematic diagram of
mind map below. Render the topic looking at your MIND MAP.