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Solons Toss Out First Ball at 'Damn Yankees' Opening
The curtain will go up at 8:30 p m.,
Tuesday and Wednesday for "Damn
Yankees," Gaorge Abbott's rollicking
musical, as presented by the Associated
Student Body of Helena Senior High
School [n the Civic Center auditorium.
The first performance will bo in honor
of the 38th Legislative Assembly but
bolh Tuesday and Wednesday night
shows will be open to the public.
Applegate, Diane Susag as Meg ond Janice Brown as Gloria.
Every student in HSHS has been assigned some part in the ploy or its production Including a variety of supporting
characters, understudies, stags chorus,
ushers and usherettes, artists for scenery,
paintings and posters, property handlers,
publicity, stage .crew members, sound
equipment operators, lighting, make-up
and fick-at soles.
John Varnum will direct music for the
production with mixed chorus and singing groups under direction of Goil Harris. Six members of the Helena Symphony Orchestra will assist members of
the High School orchestra.
Doris Marshall, who is producer and
director for the two-act fantasy, started
the tradition of presenting an all-school
production in honor of legislators in
1949, her first year as dromotics leacher
at tl>2 school.
The first show was "Montana on Parade" which featured Montana authors.
The next six l e g i s l a t i v e years were
marked by productions of "Abe Lincoln
in Illinois" in 1951, "No More Frontier"
in 1953; "The American Way" in 1955,
"Point Your Wagon" in 1957, "Inherit
the Wind" in 1959 and "Oklahoma!" in
Leading rol-as in "Damn Yankees"
will include Bob Hollar as Joe Hardy,
Connie Ward os Lolo, Carl Richards as
Vol. XX—No. 74
Approximately 15 students will take
port in dance sequences of the production which feature the Mambo, "Two
Lost Souls," "Shoeless Joe" and the
grand finale, "You Gotta Have Heart."
Preceding the performance and between acts, members of the Boys' H-Club
will rove through the aisles hawking peanuls, popcorn and candy. They will be
dressed in white shirts, dress slacks,
gayly colored vests and flashy derbies,
copying concessionaires and adding to
the baseball atmoshpere
Helena, Montana, Sunday, February 17, 1963
BEHIND THE SCENES — A baseball player takes
shape through artistic talents of Karen Jerome, left,
at the drawing board and Nan Parsons who applies a
touch to another player's cap. Jerry Susag, center,
will be one of the many featured students in the alftchool production of "Damn Yankees." Susag, well-
FACULTY DIRECTORS—Helena Senior High School
faculty directors who directed the various phases for
the all-school production of "Damn Yankees" are
shown above. From left, in the first row, are Roberta
Goodhart, programs; Roxanna Wedgwood, finance;
Gail Harris, vocal music; Giles Russell, ticket production; Earl Wadley, ort; Alice Schmidt, ushers; and
WARM UP—Chuck Cantrell, left, a member of Helena
Senior High School ait class is .hown making scenery
for the school play, "Damn Yankees." In the picture,
Working on scenery for "Damn Yankees" above, from left, ore Dwight
Atkinson, Jack Reynolds, Dick Winston,
Ron Jose, Jim Hudson, and Lorry Hoffman, with Jerry Martello on the platform.
Second Section of Two
known in this area as a stellar dancer, will perform
in two specialty numbers. Shown at right are Connie
Ward who plays Lola in the musical comedy and Carl
Richards who will appear as Applegate, another name
for the devil.
Doris Marshall, producer and also in charge of staging,
lighting, costuming and dramatics. In the back row,
from left, are Joan McCrackcn, t w i r l e r s ; Howard
Voiles, ticket sales; E m i l c c Pasha, cheerleaders;
Charles P. Johnson, school principal and general manager; Sharon Tomcheck, publicity, and Richard Stafford, ticket sales.
second from left, main characters of the musical go over
their lines. From left they arc June Clare, Wolf Woods
ond Diane Susag. In the center, Alfred (Pee Wee) Weber
LEGISLATIVE TEAM—Posing with regulation
baseball caps above to acquaint their colleagues with the "Damn Yankees" are the
leaders of the 38th Legislative Assembly. The
lawmakers will be honored guests at the Tuesday night performance of the musical production. From left, seated, ore Sen. David James,
president pro tern of the Senate; Rep. Leslie
"Damn Yankees" wijl receive excellent
support from other members of the cast.
In supporting roles, from left above in
the front row are Dave Franks, Joe
at the organ, rehearses for the production. Norman Stock,
left, and Dennis MaMhies, will add sparkle to the melodies
at duo-pionisti. At bat, second from right, is Bob Hollar
Eskildsen, assistant minority leader; Sen. William Groff, Senate majority leader, and Rep.
Frank Haxelbaker, Speaker of the House. U
the bock row, from left, are Rep. Tom Judge,
assistant minority leader; Rep. Ray Wayrynen,
minority leader; Rep. Alex Blewett, majority
leader, and Gov. Tim Babcock.
Hendrickson and Jim Sodcrburg, and,
bock row, from left, Gary Smith, Roger
Barrett, Larry Thurston, Ben Hanson,
Alan Kind, Lowell Dightman and Georg*
(Rusty) Harper.
as Joe Hardy and Alort Kind as Van Burcn. At extreme
right, stage problems arc discussed by Jim Marshall,
Gerry Hudson and Chic Barnctt, work crow mombori,