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Greek and Roman Gods:
Mr. Upchurch’s
Mythology 101
Lectures 8
Also known as
Greek Gods
• Gaea and Uranus
–(Earth and Heaven)
• Titans
–Ruled before the Olympians
overthrew them.
• Olympians
–Other Minor/Non-ruling gods
Original Creators (from
The Titans
Greek Creation
• Many versions…
• …Chaos (nothingness)
• Out of Chaos
–Either Earth (Gaea) alone or with
Night, Darkness, and Love (Eros)
(sometimes just with Love)
• Gaea (Earth) gives birth to
Uranus (Heaven) to cover herself
and be a home to the gods
• Together they produced three
kinds of children
–Three monsters with 100 hands
and 50 heads (Hecatoncheires)
–Three Cyclopes
–The Titans
• Watch Quick Overview of the
Greek Creation Account
(FactsOnFile: Zeus: King of the Gods)
The First Overthrow
• Gaea is a good mom, but Uranus
hates his kids
–Tries to have Gaea take them back
into her womb. He was afraid they
would overthrow him.
• Gaea gives her youngest child,
Chronos (Saturn) a sickle to kill
his father with
Reign of the Titans
Chronos (Cronus, Saturn)
• Ruling Titan
• His reign is referred to as “the
golden age”—he though he
was a jealous ruler like his
father Uranus.
• Wife/Sister of Chronos
• Mother of the gods
• Titan goddess of motherhood,
fertility and generation
• Cunning
• Titan of Intelligence.
• Father of Leto.
–Titan Mother of Apollo and
• Titan of the Moon
• Mother of Leto
Oceanus & Tethys
• Oceanus is the unending
stream of water encircling the
• Together they produced all the
rivers and 1,000 ocean nymphs
(minor nature goddesses)
• Daughter of Coeus & Phoebe
• Bride of Zeus
• Goddess of Motherhood
• A protector of youth (along
with her twins: Apollo and
• father of Prometheus,
Epimetheus, and Atlas.
• Titan god of mortality
• Wisest Titan
–Name means “forethought”
–He could foretell the future
• Fought with Zeus against the
other Titans
• Sometimes credited with
creating man…(continued)
• Always known as the benefactor
and protector of man-kind
• Gave man gifts
–Fire(possibly stolen from Zeus)
and the best portion of the
• Punished by Zeus
–Horrible Eagle Eating Liver
Punishment (until he told paranoid Zeus which kid
would betray him)
–Rescued by Hercules
• Unintelligent Titan
–Name means “afterthought”
• Father of excuses
• Receives Pandora (from Zeus)
as his bride and, effectively,
introduces evil into the human
• Unlike his brothers, he fought
with the other Titans against
• Because Chronos was old,
Atlas led the Titan army
• Because of this Zeus gave him
the special punishment of
holding the world on his back
The Fall of the Titans
• Chronos is no better than Uranus
–Afraid that his children would
overthrow him, he swallows them.
• Rhea sneaks Zeus (her youngest
–Tricking Chronos into swallowing
a stone instead
–Zeus then frees the swallowed
Olympians by killing his father.
• Watch Quick Overview Zeus
Conquering Chronos
(FactsOnFile: Zeus: King of the Gods)