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About the Company
Image-AD is privately own ICT company which
specializes in web applications, desktop applications,
mobile wireless technologies and their integration
with corporate systems
to be the preferred "mobile enabling"
technology solutions provider
Our services
Mobile software development
Wireless mobile application which collects and receive data
on real-time basis, we specialize in smart phones and feature
phone applications.
Web application development
We develop web applications with the latest technologies.
We let the client concentrate on the business logic while we
bring the idea to life.
We provide consulting services in design, development and
implementation of ICT systems and platform to help users
and clients get best out of technology
mFarms Platform
mFarms is an integrated and customizable module based platform designed to
help stakeholder in agricultural value chain communicate with each other
efficiently, establish and maintain business relationships and manage the flow
of goods and services among them.
mfarms modules
Farmer Management
Tool available on mfarms to
profile smallholder farmers,
send sms and voice messages
and to map farmer’s farm and
share information with them
FBO Management
Designed for FBO Leaders,
Organizations and Projects to
interact with members of the
Farmer Input Demand pool
The module allows users to
solicit from farmers the
quantities of agro-inputs they
will need during the farming
Agro-input Dealer management
The Agro-Dealer Management
module has been developed to link
agro-input supply chain actors
Crop Production Estimation
The module provides users to
determine cost of production per
some selected crop
Extension Services and monitoring
Available tool use to carry out
extension activities and to monitor
all agronomic phases by field
agent/ extension staff
This platform is used to collect prices of
input (Fertilizers, Seeds, Insecticide) from
over 17 African countries every month
and profile agro dealers.
The features available :
• Manage agro dealers providing input
• Manage enumerators collecting other
• Mange supply, orders, stock, forecast,
sales and returns of agro dealers
• Communicate directly with agro
• sms– send and receive mass sms and
• interactive voice response service
• Developed in English and French
Agro Processing platform
The platform is being used to manage
information flow within the agro
produce processing value chain using
the web and mobile phone
applications (android apps)
The features available :
• Manage supply of raw materials
• Record daily production on contract
with buyer visibility
• Mange sales and client
• Communicate directly with reistered
• sms– send and receive mass sms
• interactive voice response service
• Email– ability to send emails via the
collaborate, configure and communicate with clients to
build the best product/tool to increase brand loyalty
while performing cost reduction, or feature
enhancement. Pay visits and organise trainings for
efficient use of the platform
Identify and collaborate with partners, private
organizations and local companies for smooth
operation and rollout of our application in any country
for any value chain actor
Training manuals , brochures and other documents are
available for reference and training
mFarms Partners
Contact Person
Tel: +233264384557
Email: [email protected]
Skype: image-ad