Download 1. Solve for x: 2. The speed of a gear varies inversely as the number

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Algebra 2 Honors
Assignment #13
Please remember to show all of your work.
Please do your work on a SEPARATE PIECE of paper.
If necessary round your answers to two decimal places.
Label all your answers.
1. Solve for x:
2. The speed of a gear varies inversely as the number of teeth it has. If a gear with 24 teeth rotates at
a speed of 45 revolutions per minute, how many revolutions per minute will a gear with 36 teeth
3. What is the product of the complex numbers 2 + 3i and 1 – 2i, expressed in standard form?
4. If the area of triangle T, sides 5, 12, and 13, equals the area of rectangle R, width 8, then what is the
perimeter of rectangle R?
5. If one-half of a certain integer k is 8 more than one-third of that number, what is the value of k?
6. If the ratio of
and the ratio of
, what is the ratio of
7. What is the absolute value of the difference between the solutions of the equation
8. The circle graph represents a family’s home expense budget. Of the
entertainment part of the budget, 10% is spent on cable TV. What
fraction of the home expense budget is spent on cable TV?
9. If
, evaluate [(2#3)#(6##1)]##2.
10. Find the linear or quadratic model for the recursive function: f(1) = 0; f(n) = f(n – 1) + 2n