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Press Release
Paris, June 26, 2014
Ingenico Payment Services and TSI (Ticket Surf
International) introduce innovative “Web-to-store” crosschannel payment solution in France
Ingenico Payment Services partners with Ticket Surf International (TSI) to allow shoppers to make online
purchases directly in cash at local sales outlets
Ingenico Payment Services, the leading global digital payment service provider for all sale channels, announced
today a partnership with Ticket Surf International (TSI) to offer shoppers the ability to order online via mobile
devices and pay cash in-store at more than 2,000 merchant outlets across France.
This innovative cross-channel solution from Ingenico Payment Services enabled TSI to launch YesByCash, a new
“Web-to-store” e-commerce model that combines the convenience of online shopping with the security and
flexibility of face-to-face cash payments.
Shoppers simply select the YesByCash payment option on participating retailers’ Websites and receive a bar
code for scanning and pay in cash at the sales outlet. Retailers increase sales by attracting consumers looking to
benefit from attractive e-commerce offers but hesitant to pay online. The solution also eliminates online fraud and
sales lost to transaction rejections.
“This innovative cross-channel payment solution opens the door to a major segment of consumers that had
previously been beyond the reach of e-commerce merchants,” said Simon-Pierre de la Seiglière, Southern
Europe Sales Manager for Ingenico Payment Services. “Our partnership with TSI demonstrates Ingenico
Payment Service’s commitment to enriching the retailer-consumer relationship by constantly developing secure
new payment methods.”
“Ticket Surf International is committed to bringing value to e-merchants and helping them increase online sales,”
said Frédéric Jeannin, CEO of Ticket Surf International (TSI). “We’re very pleased to work with Ingenico Payment
Services to develop attractive and innovative e-commerce solutions. YesByCash is enjoying success in France
and we plan to expand internationally in the coming months.”
About Ingenico Payment Services
Ingenico Payment Services provides a comprehensive range of secure payment services to enable merchants to consolidate
payment channels and optimize financial services. Supporting 150 international and local payment methods, we help merchants
to manage, collect and secure payments and prevent fraud on digital transactions. Ingenico Payment Services is part of the
Ingenico Group, the global leader in seamless payment. Learn more at
About Ticket Surf International
Ticket Surf International (TSI) is the very first French trade company to have been awarded an e-money issuer license by the
ACP-Banque de France and to hold a European passport. TSI offers prepaid cards services (Ticket Premium, Ticket Surf) to
Internet users who do not want to use their bank card on Internet and a payment solution in cash on Internet (YesByCash).
These means of payment are now united within My E-money Purse, TSI new electronic money purse. For more information,
please visit:
Ingenico France
Ingenico Payment Services
Marketing & Communication Manager
Agnès Chirouze
Head of Sales Southern Europe e-Commerce Solutions
Simon-Pierre de La Seiglière
[email protected]
phone: +33 1 58 01 88 26
[email protected]
phone: +33 1 55 31 97 63