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Geography in the Fall for all
Thinking of taking a course in Geography, but haven’t taken one before? Any of these can be
taken as your first course in Geography:
Geographies of Global Change (1050) provides perspectives on the major geographical
challenges and changes facing us, including climate and environmental change, sustainability,
human development, economic globalization, cultural change, and population and migration.
Cultural Geography (2001) emphasizes the relationship between nature and culture: imperialism
and colonialism; place, identity, and power; and global cultures of commodities, media, and
Physical Geography: the Global Perspective (2102) is a study of form, process, and change in
natural systems at and near the surface of Earth, viewed as human environment. Emphasis is on
global and regional scales in the investigation of climate, water, landforms and vegetation.
Introduction to Geographic Information Sciences (2195) involves cartography, remote sensing,
and geographic information systems (GIS). We look at Geographic information through
collection, representation and analysis methods, emphasizing maps and satellite images.
Issues in Economic Geography (2302) covers basic issues and ideas in economic geography.
The development of a regional economy is related to underlying economic, cultural and physical
Natural Resources (2425) is an introduction to the concepts of natural resources, environment
and conservation: the nature and distribution of natural resources; and the various physical,
social, economic, political, and technological factors influencing decision-making.
Globalisation of Food (3907) examines the production and consumption of food at global and
local scales. Recent alternatives to the industrialisation and globalisation of food are explored
through local food initiatives, fair trade and organic food.
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